Croatians For Conscious Outerwear

Agency: Bruketa & Zinic Client: Animal Friends Croatia

McDonald’s Pushes Apples In The Land Of Pork Barrel Spending

I’m visting Washington DC this weekend, and being a news and political junkie, I happened to pick up free copies of Politico and The Hill, two tabloid-shaped papers that focus on insider politics, congressional races, and the like. So who’s ponying up cash for full-page color ads in these papers? Folks you’d expect to want […]

When You’re Drug Free, You Change The Company Name To Match The Domain Name

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is changing its name to The Partnership at I, for one, am thankful that the name change wasn’t to some lame acronym. In support of this change, the organization is launching a new campaign from Euro RSCG New York to introduce its new branding and make the nonprofit […]

See Side Effects For The Predatory Ex Cons That They Are

Top psychiatrists prescribe the Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator to treat Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia. I can’t vouch for their medical device, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night can point you to the following advertisement from the company.

ReThinking The ReStore Pitch

Baldwin& has some strange ideas about motivating people to give household items to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. Last time I checked, the ReStore wasn’t seeking used commodes. Gross. No, the ReStore is a great way to support Habitat via contributions of clothes, furniture, golf clubs, computers, etc. There are about 100 other ideas I’d explore […]

Magazines Are Busy Remaking Themselves, So Too Is Their Official Champion

The trade association known as Magazine Publishers of America is no more. The group is now called MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, in effort to better convey that magazine content engages consumers across multiple platforms, including websites, tablets, smartphones, books, live events and more. MPA, has a new name (if you can call […]

Rednecks Don’t Let Rednecks Stay At Home On Election Day

[via Adfreak]

Beastie Boys Wannabes “Want It”

The city of Toronto wants to help residents get rid of electronic waste. Naturally, to promote the effort, the city needed to create an awareness campaign. They got one from Publicis, who wisely veered away from the mundane and expected flatness of municipal advertising and headed in a different direction.