It’s A Bird. No, It’s A Hearing Test

Problem: There are 500,000 people suffering from hearing loss in the United Arab Emirates. Solution: FP7, a McCann agency in Dubai, came up with an ingenious campaign for HearLife Clinic to help address the public health issue. The early symptoms of hearing loss are difficulties hearing high frequency and low sounds, often only discovered in […]

Get Off Your Monkey Flunking Tablet

Moms today have good reason to swear. Likewise, kids have every reason to prefer Kraft Mac & Cheese. Maybe that’s why the brand enlisted mother, author and swearing expert, Melissa Mohr, Ph.D., to tell it like it is.

Hold It, What Are You Laughing For?

Paul Burke, a freelance copywriter and novelist, thinks advertising is no longer funny. He knows what of he speaks, and he knows why. “A client erring on the side of caution is like a pope erring on the side of Catholicism,” he argues in Campaign. In other words, you need to take substantial risks to […]

Update from the Animal Farm: Raw Diets for All!

This new campaign for food box delivery service Stubborn Farmer puts a humorous twist on popular social-media recipe videos. Rather than showcase what goes into the boxes, the spots from Toronto-based creative agency Rain43 go further down the food chain to highlight the company’s commitment to transparency while encouraging customers to sign up for spring/summer […]

Whistling Hipsters Who Love to Craft Shop Etsy

Etsy Studio will hook you up with craft supplies (and a heaping helping of hipster hyperbole). “It’s time to start making.” Really? Unless, I fundamentally misunderstand history, we’ve been making from the onset of creation.

Lovely Day for A Powerful Song

Emotion belongs in advertising. That’s where the connections are made. Put another way, if you want to “win hearts and minds,” you better make people feel something. Like so…BBDO/New York taps the soft spot with this spontaneous moment: According to Campaign, when Alex Guthrie set his guitar case down in Atlanta’s Woodruff Park and began […]

Leatherman Makes Tough Tools For Adventurous People

Portland client. Portland agency. This is how good things grow. Portland, Oregon’s multi-tool pioneer, Leatherman, has a lot of fans, also known as brand loyalists eager to share their testimonials of how their Leatherman saved the day – and sometimes even their lives. Over 34 years, Leatherman has received more than 4,000 such stories from […]

Want A Participation Trophy? Fish For It.

I used to go fishing on fishing trips to Minnesota with my grandfather. It was a big deal to go away for a week, stay in the camper, and catch a mess of Walleye. I’ll also never forget looking deep down into the clean, clear blue lakes of the region. Given my upbringing and current […]