What We Do

AdPulp offers a unique point of view on the most pressing topics of our day in marketing communications. We work in the business, think about, talk about and write about the business.

Daily Juice

Why? Because we’re obsessed, and we believe there’s a better way to garner consumer attention and brand loyalty.

We’re advocates and critics, but first and foremost we’re practitioners, so we understand the pain of being thrown under the bus, of working late nights, of dealing with assholes.

In short, we’re ad grunts, and AdPulp is our salute to fellow ad grunts of the world.

Who We Are

AdPulp was founded by copywriter/creative director David Burn and marketing technologist Shawn Hartley in October 2004. David and Shawn first worked together at Bozell in 2000.

Copywriters, Dan Goldgeier and Wade Sturdivant are key contributors to the site, and we feature guest contributions from an array of voices inside the industry.

What Our Readers Say

“Always interesting. Always thought-provoking. Always original.” -The Denver Egotist

“AdPulp is one of the first ad blogs that I read. I love David Burn’s stuff.” -Helen Klein Ross

“One of the top three ad blogs in terms of how smart they are in approaching stories. Both Danny and David. It’s not lowest common denominator advertising that they cover, and I really appreciate that.” -Bill Green

“One of our favorite ad biz blogs.” –American Copywriter

“The writing is conversational and no B.S., which we appreciate, but even more, we value that AdPulp’s writers heap praise when appropriate, but aren’t too scared to question or criticize work and industry practices.” -Say Daily

“Buttoned Up.” –Ben Popken

“Sub-Adweek shite.” –The Wow Factor

“Nutritious dietary fiber for anyone subsisting in the advertising industry.” –Digital Hive

“World’s greatest ad blog.” –Vinny Warren

“Your blog is a must read.” –Steffan Postaer

“AdPulp covers the good — and the bad — of branding in the advertising world.” –Fresh Inc.

“Adpulp is a smart, thorough, flexible blog. It also helps you navigate the dense jungle of media journalism. Burn delivers engaging insights while skillfully pointing readers to more coverage of the news, relevant content on other blogs, and comments by experts.” –Media Magazine

“Thanks for the constant stream of timely, relevant news. I don’t even check the industry pubs anymore – you guys are my source.” –Spike Jones

“You guys are among the few that offer any kind of cogent analysis on anything, a rare thing in a field filled with a snarky “doesn’t this lame ad suck” blogs or the gossipy “I hear David Droga has a small penis” ones.” –Tangerine Toad

“It was unexpected and really fun to get interviewed by AdPulp. Mostly because it is a tremendously prolific blog with daily updates that keep my NewsReader very busy. If you’re at all associated with anything related even slightly to advertising, I recommend that you at least click on it once. Perhaps it’s just my secret love of advertising (I took a ton of ad theory and visual anthropology classes in college), but the blog is really great.” -Amber Case

“I love this blog and cherish it as one of the best on the web.” –Sean Scogin

“The first ad blog I ever read, AdPulp is a daily must-read dose of news from the world of advertising and marketing and is remarkably less dry than this write-up.” –The Daily (ad) Biz

“I wanted to let you know that your writings, musings, and thoughts have served as a powerful stream of ideas as well as influx of ad news for me… thank you!” –Rob Heller

“AdPulp is quite wondrous. bordering on magical…” -theGirlRiot

“I love AdPulp, man! The analysis is awesome.” -Ian Schafer

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Industry Press

Since our launch in October 2004, we’ve been profiled and/or quoted by:

Dan Goldgeier and I have also appeared many times on Bob Knorpp’s highly-rated marketing show, The BeanCast. Check out our audio library for more.