Rednecks Don’t Let Rednecks Stay At Home On Election Day

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Beastie Boys Wannabes “Want It”

The city of Toronto wants to help residents get rid of electronic waste. Naturally, to promote the effort, the city needed to create an awareness campaign. They got one from Publicis, who wisely veered away from the mundane and expected flatness of municipal advertising and headed in a different direction.

DDB LA and Jeremy Irons Team Up For Mocumentary, But One With A Very Real Agenda

Californians use 19 billion plastic bags a year. Heal the Bay thinks there’s a better way.

Mormons Get A Brand Makeover

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Mormon”? If you’re like most people, your answer is probably polygamy, Utah or missionaries. But the Church of Later Day Saints is much bigger than that. In fact, it’s big enough to include surfers, skate rats and motorcycle riders. [via Make The Logo […]

I’d Like To See Stations Reject Ads On The Basis That They Suck

Washington Post reports that MSNBC rejected the following political ad for violating its advertising policy by attacking an individual business directly. MoveOn executive director Justin Ruben said the rejection was “the height of hypocrisy” and accused MSNBC and its corporate parent, General Electric Co., of trying to protect Target from consumer anger. Minneapolis-based Target stirred […]

McLocal: These Fries Are “Grown in Richland, Served in Ballard”

Lisa Hymas of Grist doesn’t buy the McLocal message she found in suburban Seattle. She asks what’s next, “High-fructose corn syrup from Ames, Iowa?” Here’s my problem with the Gristian criticism. Way too many environmentalists are still stuck in an “us v. them” mindset, which is a trap. We’re all in this together. We want […]

News You Might Not Want To Use

Now that ad agencies are expanding their offerings to include more social media components, more far-reaching interactive ideas, and other forms of “content,” we’re now filling the media pipelines with lots of information. Is it news? Is it propaganda? Is it credible? Some brands are locked in a battle to win consumers over. The battle […]

Can Advertising Solve The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

Saatchi & Saatchi’s Tel Aviv office is hoping there’s wisdom in the crowds. They’re looking for suggestions to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict via The Impossible Brief. Visitors to the site are encouraged to upload their ideas for a chance to win a trip to Cannes next year. The requisite Facebook page already has some suggestions, […]