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Rance, You Ignorant Slut

Ad Age this week features an interesting point-counterpoint between Rance Crain and Scott Donaton over whether the ad industry needs to refocus on its tradtional media roots or embrace new forms of advertising. Both columns are accessible from the Ad Age home page.

Have Philosophy Will Travel

Given that I am from Omaha, and having plied my trade in several small markets, I always appreciate when the advertising press looks in on the excellent work being done far from Madison Avenue. Communications Arts does precisely that in its current issue, choosing to feature Indianapolis agency, Young & Laramore. Shiel Sexton headquarters, Indianapolis, […]

But Can You Hum It?

Sun Times advertising columnist, Lewis Lazare, tends to see the industry he’s charged with covering on a daily basis, as one full of posers and hacks. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Lazare finds Steve Karmen’s new book a good read. In his colum today, Lazare writes, “Karmen had us in his grip […]

Madison Road Strikes Back

Adweek reports that entertainment marketing firm Madison Road, which was sued last week by Mark Burnett Productions for allegedly misrepresenting its relationship with Burnett to clients, has countersued Burnett for $40 million for defamation and trade libel. The suit, filed in Superior Court in Santa Monica, Calif., charges that after Burnett’s success with placements in […]

Doctor Tom Seeks Remedy

from New York Times: A resolution asking the National Collegiate Athletic Association to end alcohol advertising on radio and television broadcasts during college athletic events will be introduced today in the House of Representatives. Representative Tom Osborne, Republican of Nebraska, the former football coach at the University of Nebraska, is the author of the resolution. […]

Stop Your Mindless Web Surfing And Go Read A Book

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Click Your Way To The Zoo

A shameless plug-ola for my new column on Talent Zoo called “Boeing and Banging.” Enjoy.

Recycled Chewing Gum

CNN reports that The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company is bringing back their iconic Doublemint twins. The move is the company’s biggest investment in its Spearmint and Doublemint brands since they were introduced in 1893 and 1914, respectively. Wrigley’s longtime agency, BBDO Chicago, has penned a new jingle to support the campaign. We’re Back Jingle We’re […]