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PETA’s Onion Imitation

Kentucky Fried Cruelty: Deciding to make a statement every time he’s asked for or signs his name, a 19-year-old PETA staff member—formerly known as Chris Garnett—has legally changed his name to, the same name as PETA’s Web site that gives the lowdown on KFC’s refusal to eliminate the worst abuses of chickens raised and […]

On The Road Again, This Time In A Biodiesel Car

From The New York Times: While Bono tries to change the world by hobnobbing with politicians and Sir Bob Geldof plays host to his mega-benefit concerts, Willie Nelson has birthed his own brand of alternative fuel. It is called, fittingly enough, BioWillie. And in BioWillie, Mr. Nelson, 72, has blended two of his biggest concerns: […]

Click Fraud Competes With SPAM For Title Of “Most Heinous”

Wired: Pay-per-click is the fastest-growing segment of all advertising, reports the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Last year, Yahoo! alone ran more than 250 million individual listings, according to Michael Egan, the company’s search-marketing director of content strategy. Yahoo! doesn’t break out PPC earnings separately in its financial statements, but Goldman Sachs analyst Anthony Noto believes that […]

Talk Radio 2.0

Washington Post: XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. plans to introduce new technologies next year that will allow users to switch stations using voice commands. XM, working with Kirkland, Wash.-based VoiceBox Technologies Inc., is designing a system that allows the driver of a car to control the radio by asking it to search by genre of […]

Intel’s Not Inside Anymore

USA TODAY: The world’s biggest chipmaker said Thursday it will scrap its 37-year-old logo and well-known tagline as part of a major rebranding that will emphasize its shift away from its core PC business and into consumer products. The original Intel logo featuring a lowered “e” will be replaced with one showing an oval swirl […]

Alaska Airlines Debacle Made Worse By Attack Dogs

Jeremy Hermanns of Tribal DDB was on Alaska flight #536 from Seattle to L.A. when twenty minutes after take off the MD-80 airplane tore a hole in it’s fuselage at 30K feet. Jeremy writes about it on his blog. It’s an interesting account, but what is hard to understand are comments on his blog like […]

What We Really Do All Day

Alex Bogusky refuses to be cynical (see December’s Creativity, or take my word for it). George Parker, on the other hand, does not entertain that particular daydream. Many years ago, when I used to work for a particularly crazy woman in California, she made a statement that has stuck with me ever since… “Our job […]

I Want My CA, And I Want My MTV

To be honest, I wasn’t blown away by the work in the new CA. And I blame Huey Lewis and Bryan Adams. You see, I’m a huge fan of music—and I started buying records when I was 7 years old. To me, nothing will ever replace the music I heard in the few years when […]