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Pissing On The Carpet

Ad Age has an article today on BBDO’s resignation of the Stainmaster carpet account. Here’s a telling quote from BBDO COO Jeff Mordos: “It has become clear that current management is seeking a level of service that is more consistent with its own economic realities. As such, we have determined it is no longer a […]

Forbes Digs Up Some Poop

Forbes is running a feature on the top corporate hate sites. “To honor these quixotic champions, we spent hours trawling the Web looking for the very best corporate hate sites.” I must say, this seems an odd thing to do for a magazine which regularly covers these very corporations in a positive light. At any […]

Trade Group Transparency

from New York Times: The trade organization for the liquor industry is for the first time offering the public a look behind the scenes at how it handles complaints about advertising, like the one for a vodka that declared, “Remember: Tonight is only a success if it ends with breakfast.” Three Olives Cherry Vodka giving […]

Um…You’re Fired

from New York Post: Reality TV kingpin, Mark Burnett, claims a Hollywood product placement firm lied to him and the makers of Crest toothpaste, Levi’s and Mars candy bars to get their products onto “The Apprentice”

Luddites Won’t Be Reading This

AdAge is running a “Special Report” on marketing to Luddites. The report seeks to prove that Luddites are not only found among the old and poor. Nearly half of cellphone-less adults are age 18 to 44, and one-fifth of Net-less adults have household income of at least $50,000, according to NOP World’s Roper Reports. 28% […]

Adweek Highlights Blogs…Some Of Them, At Least

This week’s Adweek features an article (for subscriber access only) highlighting some ad folks who are also bloggers. We, however, are not among them. They do highlight The Mario Blog, Adblather, Jack Cheng,, Gareth Kay’s BrandNew, Caffeine Goddess, and AdLand. Hey, I’m a 10-year Adweek subscriber. How about a little love for the Adpulpers?

The Yin Yang Of Yuengling Appreciation

In the mid-1980s I was a college student in Lancaster, PA. As such, locally produced beers like Yuengling and Rolling Rock were a regular part of my party diet. They were also incredibly cheap back then, like nine bucks a case. Over time, I acquired a taste for finer things and turned to Anchor Steam, […]

Starship Song Butchered By Coffee Hacks

Having recently moved to a small town, I suppose I ought to feel lucky that we have a Starbucks (I don’t). After all, I’m hopelessly addicted to espresso. I won’t bore you with my anti-Starbucks rhetoric in this space, but I will redistribute this vitriolic post from Gawker. As if their complete domination of New […]