Gawker “Likes” Facebook Best

There’s been some recent noise in the press about how the Gawker Media’s site redesigns–now live on three of the company’s sites–is about getting “beyond the blog.” But what interests me more is how all the “share” buttons are gone, with just one left standing. “These sites festooned with social media buttons–they look like primitive […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Google’s CEO Disses FB, Says Microsoft Is The Competition

The business press loves to frame things, because frames make a nice presentation, even if they’re not always factual. At the same time, it can be a mistake to take a corporate titan at his word. Let’s have a look at Eric Schmidt’s word, delivered in Davos, Switzerland, home of the World Economic Forum. “We […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: WaPo Ups Its FB Ante With The Launch of SocialCode

The Washington Post Company has launched Social Code, a subsidiary that will help brands build and monetize their presence on Facebook, according to Clickz. While it may seem odd that SocialCode is laser-focused on Facebook, there is some history there: Washington Post Chairman Don Graham has been on the board of Facebook since December 2008, […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Initial Public Offering In 2012?

Facebook is the third biggest Internet company in the world today, and growing. It’s currently a privately held company, but that could soon change and when/if it does the “average investor” can put her own hard earned money on the line. Where does Facebook’s value reside? In the data!

Anti-Social Is A Non-Persuasive Position

MGH in Baltimore has an active social media presence and the agency is now using this fact against its local competition. This full page ad ran in the Baltimore Sun on Monday: Normally, I’d say number of followers is not the right metric, but for this self-promo ad it is. The numbers indicate a passion […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Be Positively Likable

The Facebook Data Team released a study recently that looks carefully at the words people use in their status updates and how these words influence behavior. Unsurprisingly, status updates with more positive emotional words receive more likes, and those with more negative emotional words receive less likes. Slightly less intuitive is the fact that positive […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: The JC Penny Store Is Open For Business

Facebook is the operating system of the social web. And, not unlike the Oklahoma land rush of the 1880s, retailers are lining up to to stake a claim in what is proving to be fertile territory. That’s the word from Practical Ecommerce. Fast Company too is weighing in. J.C. Penney became the first major retailer […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: You Don’t Have To Be Facebook To Profit From Facebook

In their efforts to establish a presence on Facebook, eight-of-ten of the world’s biggest brands, including Coca Cola, P&G and Unilever are now using an enterprise solution from New York-based Buddy Media. The Buddy Media Platform gives brands the tools to manage their Facebook Pages and engage their Facebook fans. Adweek recently named the company […]