Man On A Horse Drinking Coffee

To promote its new Levels coffee system, Seattle’s Best Coffee is hosting a live 24-hour interactive comedy show featuring actors and directors from Second City. “We wanted an exciting, big launch,” said Michelle Gass, Seattle’s Best president. “The spirit of this brand is to create a disruptive idea that builds emotional connection to the brand. […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: An Open Book In Prineville

Google wants to do no evil, but they’re not the only Silicon Valley player committed to moving the needle for good. According to The New York Times, Facebook’s new data center in Prineville, Oregon will run on specially-designed stripped-down servers that are 38 percent more efficient and 24 percent cheaper than those sold by major […]

Whatever The ROI, Brands Are On Facebook For Good (Now What’s The Plan?)

It’s 2011. Chances are you’re recommending, and executing, Facebook campaigns for your clients. But why? Is it because all the cool kids are doing it? According to Fortune, Facebook isn’t all that wonderful of a medium for brands. Razorfish’s recent 2011 Liminal study points out that consumers prize a few things when engaging with a […]

Facebook Wants To Encourage Dialogue, Show Ad Peeps The Way

According to Financial Times, “Facebook will launch a site early next month for advertising agencies called Facebook Studio, an online catalogue where the ad world’s top teams can share and comment on the best Facebook ad campaigns.” Okay, but why limit the offering to the ad world’s top teams? Those teams don’t want to rock […]

Do Facebook “Likes” Drive Ratings? They Do In Salt Lake City

According to Lost Remote, most local TV stations average around 15,000 to 30,000 Facebook fans, but a station in the nation’s 32nd largest media market has more Facebook fans than some network TV shows. “We have a strategy and it’s working,” KUTV news director Jennifer Dahl says. “Anchors, reporters, producers, assignment desk editors and news […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Sweeps Are The Anti-Viral

Peter Yared of Webtrends Apps regularly contributes to Venture Beat, and recently ReadWriteWeb picked up his story about what kind of marketing works, and what kind doesn’t work, on Facebook. It’s a well reason piece and an important one for anyone thinking up Facebook promotions. Yared’s take on sweepstakes is obvious, yet revealing. Facebook users […]

Helping Brands Get A Return On Their Facebook Investment, Pays Off For North Social

Vocus, a leading provider of cloud-based marketing and PR software, has acquired North Social, a software company that provides Facebook applications that enable businesses to create, manage and promote their business on Facebook. North Social is the latest addition to the Vocus earned marketing suite that helps organizations reach and influence buyers across social networks, […]

Two Thirds Of The Biggest And Best Brands Still Just Playing Around On Facebook

WONGDOODY looked closely at the Facebook activity of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands. While most brands have a Facebook listing, only 84 have corporate-run Facebook pages. From the 84 official pages, the study analyzed 60,276 wall posts, 12,872 comments, and 119,404 “Likes” to see how companies are utilizing the social network. Most brand pages offered new […]