Beers And A Breach

Heineken, the world’s third-largest brewer, is busy striking deals directly with Google, and now according to Ad Age, with Facebook.

Asked how the Facebook deal would affect the Google pact, Heineken told Ad Age: “These are two different platforms [that] … complement Heineken’s strategy to be ‘part of the conversation.’ Facebook is a social media network, where You Tube is more of a digital entertainment channel.”

The details of the new pact with Facebook are not available, but the brand team is seeking “consulting” services from Facebook and from Google. Which is interesting, because consulting is typically what we The Ad Tribe provide.

I wonder, are you feeling elbowed out of position by the rapidly shifting media sphere that no one entity has a handle on?

In other news, a Facebook security flaw, revealed this week, allowed users to gain access to Mark Zuckerberg’s private photos. Although Zuckerberg’s photos were G-rated, BusinessWeek says such a privacy flaw could hurt those who post more compromising photos — of underage drinking, parties or a day at the beach when they called out sick from work.



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