What Do Real Buyers of Virtual Goods “Like”?

Chances are your Facebook Page is not one of The 100 Most Popular Facebook Pages In the World, but that’s okay. We can’t all be as popular as Eminem and Lady Gaga.

To give us another view of popularity on Facebook, digital goods marketing technology firm Ifeelgoods compiled data from Facebook Credits users to gauge what is hot in apps, music, movies, TV shows, brands and more today.

These are the socially-engaged people who use Facebook’s official currency to purchase content on the site. What they “Like” has actual relevance to the bottom line.

Top Products/Services among Facebook Credits users
1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. Hanes
4. iTunes
5. Bing
6. Windows Phone
7. Play Station
8. Farmers Insurance
9. Swiffer
10. CoverGirl

Top Games among Facebook Credits users
1. FarmVille
2. FrontierVille
3. Family Feud
4. CityVille
5. Games
6. PetVille
7. YoVille
8. Café World
9. Treasure Isle
10. The Price Is Right Game

I am curious, have you used real money to buy virtual goods and services on Facebook?



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