Despite Massive Under-Employment, “We Are All Workers”

It may be a holiday weekend, but Levi’s wants us to know “We Are All Workers.”‘ To go with the ad above, Levi’s, Wieden+Kennedy and The Sundance Channel also produced an episodic documentary about the plight of Braddock, PA, a rust belt town that’s been hit particularly hard by economic forces. Here are the first […]

Crafty Cut Outs Introduce The Real People Behind The Juice

Here’s some new work from Cole & Weber United for Tree Top Apple Juice. Consisting of digital, social media and print elements, the campaign brings to life real stories of Tree Top farmers and employees, illustrated through the vivid hand-cut paper art of Jayme McGowan.

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Uses Physical Comedy For The Win

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is back with new television commercials–its first since 2008. A continuation of its popular Messin’ With Sasquatch advertising campaign, the new spots feature more classic pranks played on the unsuspecting woodlands creature. “The campaign boasts a grab-life-by-the-horns mentality,” says Brock Davis, creative director at Carmichael Lynch, the agency on the campaign. […]

Adding Clicks To A Classic

Through the use of immersive technology, visitors to are now able to select and control the view and of the brand’s latest campaign, cast and products. “I want anyone who sees the campaign not just to see images, but to feel a part of what we have created; connecting people through technology, music, the […]

It’s Okay, Share A Laugh With Your Banker

TDA in Boulder has been one of my favorite ad shops for a long time. Here’s some new work from the agency for their client, First Bank. Bill Green at Make the Logo Bigger isn’t wild about the campaign–he feels the copy is too telegraphic, for one thing. My own thoughts are this: banks are […]

Evan Williams Wants To Spread The Word

Evan Williams is the second-best selling Bourbon in the U.S. It is produced by Bardstown, KY-based Heaven Hill Distilleries, and made under the careful supervision of Heaven Hill’s father and son Master Distillers, Parker and Craig Beam, who represent the sixth and seventh generations, respectively, of the most famous family in American Whiskey. Yet, the […]

We Have Enough Dings On Enough Devices. Do We Need To Hear Them During A Commercial Too?

I think Hill Holliday is one of the top ad agencies in the U.S. today. But they missed the boat with their “Cursor” campaign for John Hancock. It may be true that important financial conversations don’t always take place face-to-face, but how is that a good thing? The only thing the commercials in this campaign […]

When It Comes To Muscle Cars, U.S.A. Doesn’t Tie

Just the other day I mentioned how Wieden + Kennedy is milking the made in America theme for all it’s worth. Here’s yet another commercial in this growing exhibit: The voice over is by Dexter’s Michael C. Hall. The spot is directed by Steve Rogers of Biscuit Filmworks USA.