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Every Week Is Advertising Week

As part of its Advertising Week coverage, Adweek thrust critic Barbara Lippert in front of a camera to explain disintermediation and how it’s relevant to the agency business. Speaking of Advertising Week, Dan Goldgeier made a great point about the industry schmooze fest when he said, “I’m not in New York City. For the last […]

Today In Twitterverse: Follow Your Dog

[via Digital Minute by WONGDOODY]

Exhuming Reagan and Riney

To Americans of a certain age, and advertising junkies, the phrase “It’s morning in America…” means Hal Riney’s voice and the sunny optimism of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 re-election campaign. Not anymore. Here’s what we’re getting from an organization called “Citizens for the Republic.” Here is the original, written and voiced by Hal Riney: Citizens for […]

Want To Sell $725 Boots In This Economy? You Better Have Some Great Selling Tools

Wolverine has been making footwear in Rockford, Michigan for over 125 years. This year, the brand decided to tap its roots and recreate some old standards for the modern man interested in getting 1000 miles from his boots. “The ideals and practices of Wolverine as a brand remain the same since its inception,” said Roger […]

Kids Need Roughage And Whole Foods Intends To Bring It To Them

Whole Foods Markets is raising money and awareness with its Salad Bar Project, an effort to place salad bars in 300 schools around the nation. Placing a salad bar in a school is one of the fastest ways to create fresh food access to all students. Schools can also use their salad bars to introduce […]

Golf Gets Into The Swing Of Things

Michelle Wie brings a refreshing, youthful energy to the world of golf. Kia wants to bring that same kind of energy to the automotive world. So, they hired Wie as a sponsor. The music in this spot is “Pro Nails,” from Kid Sister. Kia agency David&Goliath enlisted Anonymous Content director Mark Romanek and Spotwelders editor […]

Small Business Is Big Business, Particularly For Overseas Carriers

I love to say face time is the killer app. Apparently, British Airways shares this wavelength. The British Airways Face-to-Face Program provides small businesses with free tools, educational resources, networking opportunities and flights to conduct business internationally. There’s also a contest where small business owners tell submit a video or short essay describing where they […]

When You Entertain The Family, You Can Also Feed And Clean The Family

Earlier this year, Procter & Gamble and Walmart teamed up with NBC to produce original content in hope that viewers would buy more P&G products at Walmart. According to Ad Age, it was a good investment. P&G spent $4.5 million alone on the production of “Secrets of the Mountain,” but the packaged goods king also […]