Kids Need Roughage And Whole Foods Intends To Bring It To Them

Whole Foods Markets is raising money and awareness with its Salad Bar Project, an effort to place salad bars in 300 schools around the nation.
Placing a salad bar in a school is one of the fastest ways to create fresh food access to all students. Schools can also use their salad bars to introduce children to food in its raw state and educate students palates by offering some special seasonal salads.
The grant money, raised by customer donations, will be used to buy the physical salad bar. Each school that is chosen will receive a portable, five-well Cambro salad bar complete with utensils, pan inserts, chilling pads and training tools. Chef Ann’s The Lunch Box will provide the necessary training tools and ongoing support to help ensure proper management. The food on these salad bars will be provided through the schools current buying channels for procuring food.



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