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The Simple Pleasures of Print

Agency: Carmichael Lynch Client: Denver Museum of Nature & Science [via The Denver Egotist]

Our Version of “Location, Location, Location” Is “The Work, The Work, The Work”

Zach Canfield, Director of Talent for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners asked a rhetorical question on Twitter last spring. I don’t know many @replies his question generated, but I do know I could help him locate some talent. Talent isn’t hiding, it’s toiling in the salt mines–a place that doesn’t coddle and doesn’t reward; hence, the […]

Here’s A Creative Team Not About To Win A Lion

AdFreak is pointing to an awesome commercial for Cullman Liquidation, made by North Carolina-based comedy duo, Rhett & Link. The two funny men make all sorts of spots under the I Love Local Commercials banner. I Love Local Commercials is a project of MicroBilt, a risk management solutions company for small and medium businesses. I […]

The Better The Editor, The Better

Sean Blanda of eMedia Vitals is looking at the how editors are still a vital component of the media business, despite reports to the contrary. “Aggregation is just bringing stuff together, just collecting stuff and laying it out there. We used to do that more in the old days,” says Mindy McAdams, an online journalism […]

The Progressive Insurance Girl: Love Her Or Hate Her?

Even these days, a campaign with plenty of cash behind it will infiltrate the consciousness of America. So it is with the campaign featuring “Flo,” The Progressive Insurance girl, played by actress Stephanie Courtney. I see these ads all the time. (And you can see all of them here.) I’m just curious what our readers […]

What You’re Having For Lunch Soon To Be Bingable

Kara Swhisher is breaking the news that Microsoft has inked an important new search deal with Twitter and Facebook. The pact will bring status updates to the Bing search engine. Swisher says, “The deal is a definite blow to the dominant search engine, since-for the first time-data will be available on Bing that is not […]

Coca-Cola To Show Three People The World, And The World Countless People Made Happy By A Coke

Does the number “206” mean anything to you? It should, it’s the number of countries where Coca-Cola is sold. To bring attention to the global reach of this joy-inducing soda from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Coke is sending a three-person team of “Happiness Ambassadors” to all 206 countries in 2010. Coca-Cola Expedition 206 – Project Introduction […]

Will Write, Edit And Produce For A 10 Spot Or Two (Not!)

“Fortune swims, not with the main stream of letters, but in the shallows, where the suckers moon.” –A.J. Liebling Wired is running a feature on Demand Media, a content mill that produces a deluge of articles and videos everyday in order to eek pennies in ad revenue from each. Lots and lots of pennies, I […]