Coca-Cola To Show Three People The World, And The World Countless People Made Happy By A Coke

Does the number “206” mean anything to you? It should, it’s the number of countries where Coca-Cola is sold. To bring attention to the global reach of this joy-inducing soda from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Coke is sending a three-person team of “Happiness Ambassadors” to all 206 countries in 2010.

Coca-Cola Expedition 206 – Project Introduction Video from Expedition 206 on Vimeo.

The three-person Expedition 206 team–chosen in an online popularity contest–will keep a brisk pace, covering 150,000 miles in just 365 days, in order to seek “what makes people happy and share their happiness and enthusiasm with the rest of the world.”
The whole thing’s a bit heavy on the Happy, for my tastes. Do you “Open Up Some Happiness” when you drink a Coke, or is it simply your favorite compliment to popcorn or a cheeseburger?
“Why ruin a good thing with the truth?” I hear a phantom voice telling me.
I do like to bigness of this promotion and the use of social tools to tell a brand narrative. According to the company’s press release, fans engaging with the expedition members will serve as virtual travel agents for the team, giving suggestions on where they go, what they do and who to visit in each market.
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