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Today In Twitterverse: Re:cycled Tweets

According to Re:cycled Tweets from McKinney, “it’s time to stop polluting Twitter with boring. Littering it with the literal. And inundating it with the uninteresting.” [via TweetFreak]

Data Might Open A Door, But It’s Going To Take More Than Data To Be Invited In

Accenture, the management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company that pays Tiger Woods to be its spokesman is now entering a relationship with Adchemy, a Silicon Valley digital marketing company. According to New York Times: Adchemy is one of several ambitious young companies trying to employ cutting-edge computing techniques — including machine learning, statistical inference […]

Now There’s A Reason For The “!”

Kara Swisher of Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital says Yahoo’s new partnership with Goodby Silverstein & Partners “is sure to be much commented on by the advertising industry.” And she’s right, here I am about to comment… First, let’s examine the ridiculous spin put on the move by Yahoo’s Integrated Marketing and Brand Management […]

Are The BDAs Really That B Anymore?

Amidst the flurry of stories floating around the Deutsch-Lowe merger, this Ad Age article caught my eye for a very surprising fact: According to one person close to the matter, Lowe in New York has 150 people and Deutsch about 250, and cuts of about 10% — some 40 people — are expected in the […]

I Like To See An Ad School Advertise

Do potential ad school students check the “Media & Advertising” stories in The Times? Miami Ad School believes they do. Take a look at the school’s media buy (which didn’t come cheap): Note how the use of hot pink in these banners makes the ads unavoidable. I wonder if that’s what they teach, 100 Ways […]

Finally, A Workaround That Keeps Pesky Creatives At A Distance

The following is a student project from prematurely jaded Miami Ad School grads: The Ad-O-Matic from James Kiersted on Vimeo. I love how they torch the revolutionary idea to make room for a much safer one. [via AdFreak]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Steelhead Advertising

Steelhead Advertising, with offices in Portland and Ashland, OR, tries to live by its “spaw or die” mantra. It’s also one of a handful of Oregon shops that belong to the 4As, not that anyone’s counting. Here’s some copy from the agency’s Facebook: Why are you in business? What are you waiting for? Now is […]

The Agency Business Is A Circus…The Circus Employs Lion Tamers

People who makes ads for a living are sometimes a bit too hot headed for their own good. Just like engineers, architects, dramatists, Steve Jobs and all the rest who put everything they have into an idea and then work hard to steer it through seemingly endless checkpoints and committees. According to some of the […]