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Using Millennials To Market Cars To Millennials

If you’re a progressive marketer today, you don’t want to create another ad campaign. Rather, you want to start a consumer movement. That’s what Ford Motors is up to with Fiesta Movement, a new effort that takes online WOM to its ultimate “in service of the brand” expression. According to Automobile Magazine, 100 specially selected […]

Master Your Data Or Be Swept Downstream

Right now, data is on the move. Lots of data. But Sprint is equipped to manage it for you. That’s the message of the telcom’s new Now Network advertising from Goodby Silverstein & Partners. “The idea behind the campaign is to demonstrate all the things that happen on the Now Network in today’s fast-paced world,” […]

Today In Twitterverse: “A Few Million People Furiously On the Make”

I just read a refreshing article by Mark Hall of Epigonic where he calls Twitter’s worth into question. He says he knows what he’s saying is “utter heresy in the current moment” but aks that we hear him out. I admire Twitter as web craft. It is very, very nicely made. But in general, how […]

Douchebags Need A Burger Place Too

We like to explore whether or not ads work for the consumer, the agency and the brand. Because they need to. But others with an “ads as cultural fodder” approach to their criticism look at things like racism and sexism in ads. Take Sarah Haskins of CurrentTV. Here she is with a blistering assessment of […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Stay Pet Hotel

On Sunday, when we picked up Lucy from her night at Stay Pet Hotel, a boutique hotel for dogs in NE Portland, two things happened. When we paid, Kim, the proprietor, handed us two nice images of our girl with Stay Pet Hotel branding added, thereby making our pet the star of a Stay Pet […]

When It Cuts Into Your Game, The Recession Is Going Too Far

Golf is a game that builds character and the powers of concentration. It takes patience, persistence and a drive to improve. Therefore, it’s an important part of many executives lives. Yet, some of those execs are cutting back on rounds and the travel often associated with a golf outing. According to Ad Age, ad execs […]

Alaska Is Flying At Another Lattitude

WONGDOODY is launching a new customer service-themed campaign today for longtime client, Alaska Airlines. The campaign, which features the new tagline “North of Expected” includes television, radio, newspaper, outdoor and transit ads, a microsite and interactive media. Two 30-second television spots will air starting this week in the state of Alaska, Los Angeles, Portland, Ore., […]

The Commodore’s Ship Sinks In Chicago

Once upon a time there was a famous agency once known as J. Walter Thompson. Then they changed their name to JWT and bad things began to happen. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… In 1891, J. Walter Thompson’s management sent a man to Chicago ahead of the 1893 World’s Fair to make rain. […]