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Couples Counseling For The Agency-Client Relationship

Recently, one of our clients specifically requested that I be assigned to a project. Gotta admit, it felt nice to be in demand like that. So few clients know who really does the day-in, day-out work at an ad agency. And that hurts the relationship, and the work in general: Most clients just aren’t interested […]

Brand-Sponsored Content Is The Real Article

By the way, what the hell is a content strategist? If that’s your title, please, leave the business. –The Denver Egotist Everyone’s talking about social media, but there’s another important game in town. It’s not new, but it’s growing in importance thanks to the promise of digital storytelling. According to a survey commissioned by the […]

Give Me An “A”

Steve Hall is quoted in this Los Angeles Times article on floating logos, a new form of airborne advertising from Snowmasters, an Alabama-based special effects company. Speaking of the sky as canvas, Hall says, “It’s unmarked, it’s unblemished. Mostly, when you look up you see birds.” Snowmasters has released flogos in the shape of golden […]

Contemporary Artists Cover An Advertising Classic

Cotton Inc. is reintroducing a song from 1989, “The Fabric of Our Lives,” that served through the 1990s as a jingle in commercials for clothing and home furnishings made from cotton. The jingle comes back this week in a campaign from DDB/New York. To make sure the cotton jingle “is relevant to a new audience,” […]

Today In Twitterverse: Make It Matter Or Make It Go Away

Spike Jones at Brains on Fire has been one of my favorite bloggers for years. Today, he posted a post to beat all posts. Here’s how it starts: Noise. Noise. Noise. You should be on Facebook. You should be on Twitter. Noise. Noise. Noise. Make a viral video. We should blog. Noise. Noise. Noise. Leave […]

The Unemployed And Underemployed Testify

A canvasser from Working America (part of AFL-CIO) knocked on our door a few months ago. She wanted money, but she received my email address instead. Ever since, Working America has been sending me weekly updates. Today, I learned about their new site, Unemployment Lifeline, which offers online resources to people in need of help. […]

As Mass Media Crumbles Marketers Get Personal

According to PR Week, Coca-Cola has created a new office of digital communications and social media within its public affairs and communications department. Clyde Tuggle, SVP of corporate affairs and productivity at Coke, noted “mass media is declining in importance,” when introducing the new department in a memo to staff, which the beverage manufacturer shared […]

Cut And Paste Is A “Misguided Legal Theory” According to A.P.

A year ago last January, I wrote “How To Become Irrelevant Online” about Associated Press’ intention to battle aggregators and bloggers over the fair use doctrine. I never wondered what became of their legal intentions because I can do without A.P. as a source. However, the story has bubbled up again and it’s worth re-examining, […]