Archives for April 2009

Don’t Be Hosed By Your Carrier

Boost Mobile’s campaign promoting their unlimited monthly calling plan, which boasts “no hidden fees” is benefiting from the Showcase feature of JCDecaux’s Chicago bus shelters. Boost’s tagline is “Unwronged.”

Ad Creep Makes Its Way To The Front Page

An ad, of all things, ran on the front page of yesterday’s Los Angeles Times. Can you imagine? Actually, yes I can imagine. But old school journalists are inspecting this thing like it’s an alien ship hovering over Wilshire Blvd. Here’s some copy from the The Wall Street Journal about the placement: The one-column ad, […]

Enfatico Folds Into Y&R–To The Surprise Of Very Few

Since they formed it about a year and a half ago, Enfatico, the agency formed by WPP to service Dell, has been a favorite target of many bloggers who deemed it an ill-fated venture. Well, they were right: Effective immediately, Enfatico will no longer be a stand-alone company under the WPP banner but part of […]

A Top Drawer Doggy Ride

Honda’s Element is going to the dogs. Literally. The Japanese automaker is introducing a “Dog Friendly” version of the sport utility vehicle. The concept car features a cushioned pet bed with safety restraints in the cargo area, a spill-resistant water bowl, and even a ventilation fan to keep canines comfortable. A folding ramp gives animals […]

Attention! You Can Get Paid! To Lounge Around! The Pool! All Day!

According to the Los Angeles Times, videos like the one above are proliferating on video sharing sites like YouTube. The Better Business Bureau says that 23,000 of these videos — usually promoting “cash gifting” or “gifting club” programs — have been identified and they’ve gotten nearly 60 million views. “They make it seem like it’s […]

Sucking Up A Song Like It’s Dirt

T.L. Stanley at Brandfreak has the following spot in his crosshairs for its misuse of the classic Etta James love song “At Last,” reimagined as an ode to housekeeping.If you’d like to here the entire song in its original context, click here: At Last – Etta James

Today In Twitterverse: Free Pizza

If Hugh MacLeod needs validation that he’s ahead of the curve, he has it today. Hugh helped put a South African wine on the lips of European and American wine drinkers by offering the wine for free at pre-arranged gatherings of bloggers. Now Kraft Foods is doing the same with its DiGiorno flatbread pizza brand. […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Where Friends Are Actually Friends

Om Malik is writing about Facebook’s fascination with Twitter and what a mistake it is to imitate the micro-messaging service. As part of his analysis, he makes a great point about the level of intimacy available on Facebook. Facebook, by its very nature, is mostly about our past, sometimes about our present, but very rarely […]