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MySpace Is Money

Catharine P. Taylor, aka the Social Media Insider, watched Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson answer Charlie Rose’s questions about MySpace last night. It’s a 32-minute tape, well worth watching in its entirety. When asked about competing with Facebook, Anderson says they’re not, that FB isn’t primarily interested in making money, whereas they are and always […]

Agency Exec Plays the 1-800-Sharpener Guy

Marin County’s San Francisco’s Duncan Channon (Birkenstock’s agency of record) reminds us to “always oil our stones.” Probably good advice.

Lifestyles of The Still Pretty Damn Rich

Wall Street is more than a street in New York, just as Madison Avenue is more than a street in New York. In fact, a large part of Wall St. now exists in Charlotte, NC–The Queen City. Which is perfect really. Bankers can move money around in Manhattan by day and be back at Lake […]


“Fortune favors the brave.” -Virgil Inside Fallon’s Minneapolis headquarters, staffers are repeating the words of Virgil, the Roman epic poet, in hope that they may also “live” these words. According to Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal, Fallon’s chief marketing officer Rob Buchner said: Fallon tries to keep its advertising campaigns clever but affordable, and […]

How To Wisely Invest $5 Mil.

Promotions are often, but not always, based on a free giveaway offer. If it’s a sweepstakes, there’s glitz in the offer itself, but the prize is terribly remote (only a handful of winners). Price promotions, on the other hand, are hard to beat, especially when they strike a cultural nerve and are backed by a […]

Who Will Get Sprite Right?

According to Ad Age, two of the industry’s premier creative shops are vying for more frequent flier miles, lunch at Ted’s and various late night escapades into greater Atlanta. Creative hotshops Wieden & Kennedy and Bartle Bogle Hegarty are facing off in a pitch for marketing duties on Coca-Cola’s Sprite brand, according to executives close […]

Promotion? Not In Your Future

Dave Herbert, 32, and brother Joe, 33, two aspiring filmmakers from Indiana are in the money. They won one million dollars from Doritos, after the snack food brand decided to air the brothers’ “consumer” generated spot during the Super Bowl. The winning spot, made for less than $2,000 and filmed at a YMCA, shows a […]

The Advertising Industry Stimulus Package

Don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone to care enough about advertising to bail it out. I decided to come up my own plan. It’s the subject of my new column on Talent Zoo, Here’s a sample: Ditch the use of stock photography for a month. Hire a photographer. Take your own pictures. Or use […]