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Celebs Offend Someone, Somewhere, Somehow

ESPN pulled this spot from the airwaves after gay rights advocates complained that it’s homophobic. In other celebrity endorsement news, Ashley Judd who hails from Kentucky where no wolves live, gets up in Gov. Palin’s face on behalf of Defenders of Wildlife. Watch: I found both spots on Adfreak. Flame throwers are starting to heat […]

Kellogg’s Is Square

The President of the United States smoked pot when he was young. As have most Americans. So it’s NO SURPRISE that super swimmer, Michael Phelps, would take a chill from his demanding schedule of swimming, working out and public appearances to hit the pipe. There’s this concept that he upset people, the the Phelpsian public […]

The Standard for Case Studies Has Been Rewritten

W+K/London gave birth to a new agency site to showcase their work. In a sea of bad agency credentials sites, this one is exceptional. One minus…there doesn’t appear to be any embed code for the series of videos that showcase the campaigns. But click through and watch this Nokia case study. A standard gallery and […]

Outside of TED: Make Something That Matters, Like A Tribe

In case you haven’t heard, Seth Godin has a new book out. It’s called Tribes.

Spotlight On NW Creative: “” Is Calling

Last night on LinkedIn I happened to see that Wieden + Kennedy is looking for an Interactive Strategist. Now, I know why. According to Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist, James Keller has left W+K to join Raven Zachary, the renowned iPhone application developer, in a new venture, as yet unnamed. “Since the Obama app, I’ve […]

The Contents of Content

My head is spinning because I just encountered two women in content development–my field!–that impress me with their thinking about the practice. Writing on A List Apart, Kristina Halvorson of Brain Traffic says: Who among us is asking the scary, important questions about content, such as “What’s the point?” or “Who cares?” Who’s talking about […]

All These Lame Promoters Everywhere I Look/The Horror!

George Parker is writing for PSFK. Don’t worry, it’s the same piss and vinegar that you’ll find on AdScam/The Horror!, just in a much prettier bottle. Taking part in a recent PSFK Conference, my presentation concluded with an audience discussion session. The first comment from someone in the crowd was, “With all the years you’ve […]

Today In Twitterverse: Yet Another Facebook Story

Normally, I shy away from small penis jokes, but this one’s pretty good.