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Content Proposes to Advertising. Advertising Accepts.

According to Ad Age, Hollywood’s oldest talent shop, the 110-year-old William Morris Agency, is partnering with a triumvirate of digital media, wireless and advertising executives to create a joint venture called Agency 3.0, a digital-marketing-services company seeking to marry digital technology to strategically developed content. The new venture aims to “bring the ad dollars that […]

The Love Boat Soon Will Be Making Another Run

CBS substantially increased the number of archived television shows streamed free on the Web, the latest salvo in the battle among traditional broadcasters to capture viewers online. CBS will add episodes of “The Love Boat” and “Twin Peaks,” among other shows, to its new and vintage Web offerings. The programs are broadcast on the CBS […]

Self-Promo Ad Bypasses Quirky, Arrives at Haywire

Tribal DDB bought a full page ad in the May issue of Creativity. It’s a long copy ad full of dense prose that leads nowhere. Which, given the clincher, is clearly the point: Nobody Forwards Print Oddly, this message comes inside the new Creativity, a magazine that has upgraded it’s packaging considerably with this latest […]

Barkley’s Bloggers

Barkley is offering up its resident bloggers. Citizen Brand by Mike Swenson Stampkit by Paul Corrigan Lazy Eye Theatre by Pat Piper Risley Ranch by Jeff Risley The Martini Shaker by Jeremy Fuksa Average Jane by Celeste Lindell KC Dog Blog by Brent Toellner Toellner Tells It by Brent Toellner Shake Gently by Dustin Jacobsen […]

@stoweboyd Starts Something Small

Stowe Boyd can’t be bothered with long form come ons. So he invented the micro pitch, which he calls Twitpitch after Twitter, of course. I can’t believe what a pain in the ass it still is to do something as basic as trying to schedule meetings with startups at a conference. All companies who would […]

Curtains Up

According to Ad Age, Digitas is getting into the branded-content game with the launch of a new offering called The Third Act. Third Act will develop and produce branded-content ideas and manage distribution strategies for the content. It sits under the umbrella of Digitas, part of Publicis Groupe, and will serve both Digitas clients and […]

Feeding Bands And Music Fans Since 1953

Back in the day, I used to find myself at Denny’s late night, after a Dead show. So, when I learned that Denny’s is supporting emerging bands with it’s new All Night Diner campaign, I took note, for seldom do promotions fit the brand this well. The program called “Adopt-a-Band” provides free meals, promotional support, […]

Seven Outposts, One Money-Making Philosophy

Rance Crain has been talking to Eric Mower of Eric Mower & Associates about the consolidated bottom line. Key to understanding his strategy is that he operates his offices with a consolidated bottom line to “eliminate the forces of nonintegration,” as he nicely puts it. “When everyone in an agency organization realized that their interests […]