@stoweboyd Starts Something Small

Stowe Boyd can’t be bothered with long form come ons. So he invented the micro pitch, which he calls Twitpitch after Twitter, of course.

I can’t believe what a pain in the ass it still is to do something as basic as trying to schedule meetings with startups at a conference.
All companies who would like to have a meeting with me, need to send me a Twittered description of the product. Yes, please Twitter it to me at www.twitter.com/stoweboyd. Yes, one tweet, 140 characters less the eleven used for “@stoweboyd “.

According to BusinessWeek, Boyd’s experiment offers a lesson for small companies that want the attention of potential investors, clients, and press: Get to the point. And it applies in almost any business setting, not just on Twitter. It’s no secret that less is more in the age of information overload, no matter how you’re trying to reach people.
Apparently, when Google was looking for VC money–ahead of the curve, as always–they boiled their offering down to this: “access to the world’s information in one click” (eight words).
In the month since Boyd began Twitpitch, just about 150 messages have been tagged with the “#twitpitch” label, according to a search on Twitter search tool Summize.



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