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A Branded Day

How was your day? Dear Jane Sample decided to summarize her day in logos: Looks like a fairly eventful day to me.

Is It My Machine, The Network or Twitter? is a site with a singular purposeā€”to tell Twitterholics whether the service is down, or not. Right now, the answer is, “Yes,” Twitter’s down.

Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn, and Caldron Bubble.

You may have heard that current and former Fallon creatives are melting down their precious hardware. According to Creativity, the award show statues will be made into a nameplate for the new office Fallon moves into next month. “We think it’s a cool alternative to filling a lobby with a shelf to showcase awards,” said […]

Major Disconnect

Steve Rubel reminds us that there are millions of Americans missing out completely on the internet boom.

Extravagance In Adlandia

I like it when bloggers tell stories. Steffan Postaer comes through with his latest offering on Gods of Advertising, So you want to be a rock star creative? A long time ago, while on production in LA, I had a free weekend and so spent it at the hotel pool. I had my book, a […]

Interesting Way to Sell A Razor

See the Phillips site for more. [via Adverblog]

Dare To Dazzle Your Audience With Content

Benjamin Palmer, CEO of The Barbarian Group, has some intriguing things to say about branded content. What makes a great show, game or film? Artistic merit, humanity, story, talent. These occasionally overlap with marketing demographic, industry sector and brand penetration, but more often than not, they do not. God, that’s sad. We’re sort of in […]

Turning Tide

It’s a story that ad bloggers don’t like WPP’s “Synarchy” Name? Apparently so. Ad Age named George Parker and High Jive as sources.