Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn, and Caldron Bubble.

You may have heard that current and former Fallon creatives are melting down their precious hardware.
According to Creativity, the award show statues will be made into a nameplate for the new office Fallon moves into next month. “We think it’s a cool alternative to filling a lobby with a shelf to showcase awards,” said Fallon’s new ECD, Al Kelly.
Atom Pechman of Form From Form will do the honors.
Kelly said, “We talked to a lot of metal workers who wouldn’t do it, and he was the one guy that got excited and accepted the challenge. He’s a real artist and he’s going to melt them all down and pour them into a special mold. One of the challenges has been that metals have different melting points. Gold melts at a different temperature than bronze. If you’re not careful and you mix different metals, the whole thing could explode.”
This whole episode reminds Kelly’s former boss, Scott Goodson, how much things have changed in the ad biz.

Now that the digital world has usurped the traditional one, the legacy agencies like Publicis’ Fallon have been overshadowed by agencies like North Kingdom, Daddy and Far Far, Deep Focus, Albert Ken on the other extreme. In addition a new breed of agency has been born out of the bedrock of the legacy Fallon brand – start up entrepreneurial agencies like Persuasion Arts and Sciences led by Fallon mavericks Mark Johnson and Dion Hughes, Brew, Adrian Ho’s firm, not to mention Toy. There are great memories connected with that time in the 80s.
There is a great quote: “The richness of life lies in the memories we have forgotten.” This fun stunt by Al brings a lot of that back.

Hold it, shops I’ve never heard of are overshadowing Fallon? I feel lost all of a sudden.



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