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Another Contextual Advertising Blunder (This Time In Print)

[faux New Yorker cartoon via Copyranter on Animal]

Way Way Beyond Web Whatever Point 0

Naked’s Will Collin on media neutrality and the future of the agency business: The willingness to embrace any and every channel without bias is the only guarantee that your agency will be as relevant to the communications landscape of 20 years’ time as it is to today’s. Objectivity is future-proof.

Fast, We Need A Strategy

Richard Huntington writes clean sentences and places them on his site, Adliterate, for our enjoyment. The business world has little time for the desperately bright, painfully academic, socially inept and ponderous planner. Indeed, in our time squeezed environment it is tough to make the case for strategy at all. See what I mean?

Wireless Leashes All the Rage

The other day we looked at the digital dive from an economic angle. In his latest column for Talent Zoo, Danny G. looks at the offline crowd through a different lens. I recently became acquainted with a new couple. They’re upscale, college-educated folks, both in their early 40’s. She’s a nurse and he’s a home […]

The Kind of mono You Want To Contract

“Part of the Midwestern psyche is you do the work and that should speak for itself.” -Michael Hart In its latest issue, Creativity profiles mono, an agency in Minneapolis that is partly owned by Canadian holding company MDC. mono is the creation of Michael Hart, 40, and his creative partner Chris Lange, 36—both Minneapolis natives […]

Exploring the Swedish Subconscious

[DDB Stockholm campaign for McDonald’s via Tim Nudd]

While HIPPOs Wallow

I loathe acronyms. Except this one: HIPPO. According to Ad Age, Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Analytics Evangelist deploys the acronym in in front of hundreds of HIPPOs gathered to hear him speak. A HIPPO, or Highest Paid Person’s Opinion, can be an obstacle to success on the web, argues Kaushik. Despite mounds of data, Mr. Kaushik […]

Savannah Startup Walks Their Talk

I attended an interesting lunchtime presentation today. The Creative Coast Initiative (part of Savannah Economic Development Authority), in conjunction with Savannah social media startup Balaya, conducted a blogger focus group in SEDA’s expansive conference room. First, we dined on Sweet Leaf BBQ, then we heard Ian Bramson, Balaya’s President, explain his firm’s flagship product, tick-it. […]