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Santa Has Guidelines, So Your Work Better Be Good For Goodness Sake

Via UK-Based “Brand Language Agency” Quietroom comes the Santa Brand Book. Anybody else have some clever agency holiday card-type objects to pass along? Let us know.

Big Day In Twitterdom: New UI, Brand Pages, Embeddable Tweets…

Twitter isn’t going to let Facebook be the only social media platform that changes its user interface–thereby thrilling and confounding millions–every few months. According to Mashable and my own experience, Twitter has introduced a whole new look for and TweetDeck, as well as its mobile apps, that it hopes will simplify the user experience. […]

Beers And A Breach

Heineken, the world’s third-largest brewer, is busy striking deals directly with Google, and now according to Ad Age, with Facebook. Asked how the Facebook deal would affect the Google pact, Heineken told Ad Age: “These are two different platforms [that] … complement Heineken’s strategy to be ‘part of the conversation.’ Facebook is a social media […]

Common Sense in Advertising? It’s a Christmas Miracle!

When did simple become so difficult? The short answer: who knows? The long answer, of course, is that it’s probably always been that way. Marketing milquetoasts have always been with us, and they always will be. Research-addicted clients have always had agency-side enablers eager to take their money in exchange for the next fix. MBAs […]

It’s A Book. It’s An App. It’s Do or Die And It’s Innovative.

It took me nearly a year to finally get my book ready to publish on Amazon, so it was interesting to hear the backstory behind Do or Die, the new app/e-book/something by Clark Kokich, the Chairman of Razorfish. Co-written with Larry Asher of Worker Bees, Do or Die looks at the way advertising and marketing […]

Not A “Saturday Night Live” Skit, But It May Be By Saturday

Rick Perry is not ashamed to admit that he’s a Christian. Well, that’s certainly a relief. We wouldn’t want a former Texas Governor running for President to run without the support of the evangelical voting block. Technically speaking, that would be a form of streaking. I know some people will take this ad seriously. But […]

“Click To Buy” Is Some Serious Grease On The Wheel

As interactive TV matures, the point of sale is moving ever closer to the point of intention. According to The New York Times, nearly four million Verizon FiOS subscribers primarily in the Northeast, California, Texas and Florida can now buy Schwinn bicycles, Crosley radios and Franklin Mint coins directly from programs airing on the History […]

I Check In, Therefore I Am An Asshole

“Please tell me your new big idea has a geolocation feature in it. We need to reach prospects at the point of sale, and now we can!” The monologue above was a staged reaction to you presenting a geolocation-less campaign. Forgive my indulgences… According to a new $499 Forrester report, the percentage of U.S. online […]