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This Reality’s For You

Bud struck out with, but the brand is back with a new entertainment property, Bud United presents: The Big Time, which will starting airing on ABC starting in January. Bud United presents: The Big Time is a social reality show that features people from across the globe fulfilling their wildest dreams – from pitching […]

What Will — And Won’t — We See On AMC’s “The Pitch”?

Ad Age takes a closer look at AMC’s upcoming advertising agency reality show: Production company Studio Lambert is currently shooting “The Pitch,” which is scheduled to premiere next spring, at a quartet of shops: The Ad Store in New York City, SK&G in Las Vegas, The Hive in Toronto and McKinney in Durham, N.C., Ad […]

Need Better Beer Advertising? Will Ferrell Provides

Will Ferrell is in touch with the red-blooded American man in a way few “Hollywood phonies” are. That’s why these Ricky Bobby-like ads for Old Milwaukee are jokes of the serious kind. According to Adweek, “Will Ferrell approached Old Milwaukee about creating ads because he’s a big fan of the brand.” I question if that’s […]

BOBS Gives Bobs Everywhere A Bad Name

AdPulp is late to this particular party, so please excuse us, but what the hell is BOBS from Sketchers? Did Sketchers just buy TOMS? Either that, or this one of the most blatant brand rip offs ever. According to TOMS blog, “TOMS is in NO WAY associated with Skechers, and will never be.” So that […]

Reporters Write What They Know, But Sometimes They Do Not Know Enough

Vinny Warren is annoyed. He’s annoyed because a Chicago Tribune reporter wrote a piece about how the da big guys in da Windy are sucking wind in a losing battle, while failing to recognize that there’s vibrant ad life outside the towers of Michigan Avenue. For instance, Warren’s Cannes Lion winning shop, The Escape Pod. […]

Let Kent Wesley Win Your Case And Get You The 4G Phone of Your Dreams

Lawyers are not funny people, generally speaking. Lawyers in commercials are particularly unfunny. But BBDO New York is reversing those charges by presenting Will Arnett in the role of Kent Wesley, a high-powered internet attorney. There’s more from Kent Wesley and AT&T at

Amazon Wants To Win On Price, No Matter What It Costs

Is your client’s retail floor nothing more than a customer showroom for For your sake and the sake of retailers on Main Street, I hope not. Yet, Amazon has its own ideas. Amazon also has a new smartphone app that encourages retail shoppers to compare prices while in the store. “The ability to check […]

Nothing Says ‘I’m Sorry’ Like A Personalized Power Ballad

After making a customized video with this OB Tampons site, you’ll never have to apologize again. Maybe. But, whoever’s running the analytics for the site will definitely have to separate actual product users from curious boyfriends and ad peeps. Because tracking me isn’t gonna sell product.