I Check In, Therefore I Am An Asshole

“Please tell me your new big idea has a geolocation feature in it.

We need to reach prospects at the point of sale, and now we can!”

The monologue above was a staged reaction to you presenting a geolocation-less campaign.

Forgive my indulgences…

According to a new $499 Forrester report, the percentage of U.S. online adults who use geolocation apps has grown to 6 percent this year from 4 percent in 2010. Of that small group of geosocial smartphone users, just 2 percent say they use the apps once a week or more.

Forrester calls these super users “superconnecteds,” “conversationalists,” and “critics.”

That’s right, the tool who’s “checking in” instead of talking to his date is not a tool, he’s a superconnected. And he needs a better reason to check in than his narcissistic habit. So put a coupon in there, or a special deal that only superconnecteds get.

In short, save him from himself.

Source: Adweek



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