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What Do Real Buyers of Virtual Goods “Like”?

Chances are your Facebook Page is not one of The 100 Most Popular Facebook Pages In the World, but that’s okay. We can’t all be as popular as Eminem and Lady Gaga. To give us another view of popularity on Facebook, digital goods marketing technology firm Ifeelgoods compiled data from Facebook Credits users to gauge […]

Shift Happens

Young & Rubicam opened its doors at 285 Madison Avenue in the 1920s. Now, the agency that helped define the term “Madison Avenue” is planning a move to Columbus Circle (between Broadway and Eighth Avenue and 57th and 58th Streets). View Larger Map According to Stuart Elliott of the Times, Y&R is signing a 20-year […]

Shazam Now For More

Shazam is an awesome app. It listens to songs on the radio and tells you the name of the track and artist. Technology… Apparently, Shazam will also listen to TV ads. General Mills’ Pillsbury Crescents brand is using Shazam for TV to reach busy millennial moms. When viewers see the TV spot, they can open […]

The Marcus Graham Project Wants You To Give — Or Give Back

Any regular reader of ad industry trade pubs knows that there’s a lot of talk about diversity in advertising, but very little action. The Marcus Graham Project is dedicated to changing that, and they’d like your help. Monday December 12 marks the first day of 12 Days of Gifting, which will help MGP fund its […]

If Radio Grows In The Forest Of Media, Does It Make A Sound?

I suppose it’s in Arbitron’s best interest to drum up business for radio since they’re in the radio ratings business. But they’re maintaining that the radio audience is expanding. From the press release: The number of persons twelve and older listening to radio each week now reaches an estimated 241.3 million, representing 93 percent of […]

2009 Was So Last Last Year

Privately held advertising and PR firms are defying the sluggish economy that has cast its dim shadow on many American industries. According to Forbes, Sageworks’ data shows an average sales increase of more than 11 percent in the last 12 months. (Tweet Me) Is that your experience? Are you selling more services than you were […]

On The Air In New Hampshire

“Our government’s flabby, bloated and weak,” says the actor in the following Jon Huntsman for President ad currently airing in New Hampshire — a state where “flabby, bloated and weak” have long been civic sins. According to The New York Times, the ad from Our Destiny PAC, is a key part of Huntsman’s chances for […]

Who On Your Team Speaks Fluent Google?

Molly Wood, Video host at CNET, speaks to iMediaConnection about how advertisers can go about working with Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. Wood has some nice zingers in this reel. For instance, about Apple’s closed systems she says, “Apple is in charge and you will definitely feel it.” She also says, “dealing with Facebook as […]