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Your Facebook Page Needs You (To Up Your Investment)

As you may realize, Ad Age acquires much of its content from industry professionals who want to share their expertise and be credited for their contributions/achievements. Sometimes this results in some pretty thin pieces, other times it works out perfectly, as is the case with this new article about Facebook marketing from Michael Scissons, president-CEO […]

Latter-day Saints Are All Business, With A Side of Politics for Good Measure

I used to live in Salt Lake City, where I worked for a Mormon-owned and run ad agency*. Not for long, mind you, but long enough to get a solid glimpse, and an understanding that the faith is loaded with advertising, PR and marketing talent. Now, as two Mormon candidates are making a run for […]

Do You Have The Moves To Join The Material Girl On Stage?

Smirnoff, the world’s No. 1 vodka, is partnering with Madonna, the world’s No. 1 celebrity chameleon and endurance athlete, in a partnership that kicks off with an international contest to find the best dancer in the world to join her next tour. To enter, hopefuls must submit a 60-second dance video between August 18, 2011 […]

Sometimes The Ad Industry Gets An “F” In Decorum

After this week’s Ad Age article on GM CMO’s Joel Ewanick and his grading of Goodby, I started wondering about how everything in advertising seems to be pubic knowledge — and how we love to air our dirty laundry. Is it appropriate? I know that if I were the management at Goodby, I’d be pissed […]

Facebook No Place For Free Speech

Facebook Pages are all the rage these days, but that doesn’t mean they are pro-rage pages. No, a rage page can get you arrested in a hurry. According to Voice of America: A British court has sentenced two men to four years in prison for their failed attempts to use the social networking site Facebook […]

Everything Is A Remix…Some “Things” More So Than Others

Goodby Silverstein & Partners launched a revised identity recently. Now, people inside the agency and out are questioning its provenance. According to Adweek, GS&P’s new logo looks suspiciously like one used a century ago by some (now-defunct) company called S & Co. “Making something old new again was my full intention and I’m very happy […]

You Want Hockey Ads? Pass The Puck To The Team From Minnesota

A professional sports franchise is a local favorite, but not necessarily a local brand. Depending on the team, the brand may indeed be a global brand like Manchester United or the New York Yankees. So it should come as no surprise that The Phoenix Coyotes went outside their home market to hire Minneapolis-based Fallon. Rich […]

Another Example of Brand As Producer

Format Perspective is a new documentary film about skating produced by Carhartt WIP, the rugged wear brand’s European line extension. Here are three promotional spots for the film: Why another film about skating? Because European riders, graffiti writers, and MCs adopted the brand in the 1990s. A film about the scene is an acknowledgment of […]