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Build Audience-Centric Content Into The Mix For Stronger Connections And More Leads

I like what American Express OPEN Forum contributor, Ivana Taylor, has to say about maximizing the utility of business-to-business websites. Your website is a huge budget-friendly untapped resource that you’ve been ignoring for too long. Maybe you haven’t had the time to invest or maybe you’re just convinced that your customers don’t use your website […]

Some Ad Execs Have A Photo of Jerry Garcia In Their Office, This Guy Has A Bus

Los Angeles Times is one of my favorite newspapers. They take their Business section seriously, and I appreciate that. For instance, on weekends they run a series called How I Made It, which profiles a local business leader. This weekend the spotlight is on Michael Sheldon, CEO of Deutsch LA. About The Donny, he says, […]

Citizens for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow Is The Real Deal

Stephen Colbert is a culture jammer. By day he lampoons conservative talk show hosts by pretending to be one, by night he runs a Super PAC, spending real, not funny, money in the Republican race for U.S. President. According to The New York Times, Colbert applied for status as a Super PAC with the Federal […]

Wanting To Be Like Apple Is Wishful Thinking, Unless You Have A Workable Strategy In Place

Virginia Postrel recently talked to Richard P. Rumelt, author of Good Strategy/Bad Strategy and a professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, about GM’s desire to be more like Apple, a sentiment that’s hardly unique among managers of the world’s big consumer brands. According to the good professor, Apple’s magic isn’t magic at all, rather […]

Note To Self And A Reminder To Copywriters Everywhere: Dust Off That Unfinished Manuscript

Nate Hopper at The Awl has put together a nice piece on authors who were once copywriters. “We keep you clean in Muscatine,” was one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s better lines for a steam cleaner in Iowa. Salman Rushdie wrote, “Look into the Mirror tomorrow—you’ll like what you see,” for The Daily Mirror. Dorothy Sayers […]

Using Kegs As Canvases, What Will Pacifico Think Of Next?

Thanks to the inventive minds at Seattle-based Creature, Pacifico is always up to something. To help promote the brand’s new On Tap availability, the agency cooked up an art project/travel series called “Adventures On Tap”. “We had no itinerary and one purpose, to hand deliver the very first kegs of Pacifico.” Damn, that’s a nice […]

Honey, What’s The Number For Rosetta Stone?

IBISWorld, an independent publisher of U.S. industry research, estimates that overall Hispanic buying power will total $1.1 trillion in 2011, or about 9.5% of the US total. Which begs the question, is 10 percent of your revenue coming from this demographic? If no, what, if anything, are you doing to change that? For more than […]

Creepy King Nowhere Near BK’s Guacpper

According to Los Angeles Times, on Monday Burger King will roll out its new guacamole-filled California Whopper nationwide. And the accompanying advertisements from McGarry Bowen will feature lush images of avocados, tomatoes, lettuce and beef. What? No King? No King. “There seems to be no place for a plasticized sovereign derided by many customers as […]