Your Facebook Page Needs You (To Up Your Investment)

As you may realize, Ad Age acquires much of its content from industry professionals who want to share their expertise and be credited for their contributions/achievements. Sometimes this results in some pretty thin pieces, other times it works out perfectly, as is the case with this new article about Facebook marketing from Michael Scissons, president-CEO of Syncapse.

Scissons piece is loaded with suggestions for marketers in the social space:

  • Local Facebook pages perform 36% better than global ones, so build a structure for scaling social marketing across your enterprise
  • Talk to your fans six to seven times a week at relevant times
  • Run your brand’s community management in-house and hire someone to do it right
  • Task your agency to develop original creative content
  • Know and understand your data

That’s sound advice. Especially the part about publishing original creative content. Scissons warns against “dissing audiences with bad content, coupons, polls, contests, and boring filler.”

Here’s a bit more from Scissions and his company, Syncapse, a leader in social media management for the enterprise:

In his article, he mentions some companies that are doing it right on Facebook, but I’m more interested in hearing who you believe is doing it right.



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