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Please Go Away (For A Day)

The Portland Egotist is alive and kicking. So don’t look here, look there. By the end of the day, there will be a collection of 10 posts about Portland’s perfect climate for creative pursuits.

The Metaphysics of Modern Communications

Josh Spear believes one must understand infinity (no small task) in order to speak persuasively to digital natives. As a ‘born digital’ consumer, I’m engaging with infinity day in and day out. My inbox is never full. I upload as many photos to Facebook as I damn well please. (Facebook by the way is now […]

The Portland Egotist For A Day

Tomorrow at this time The Denver Egotist won’t be what it was. That’s because it’ll be “The Portland Egotist” for a day. The anonymous creator(s) of The Egotist believe there’s a significant market for hyperlocal ad business content, and they intend to discover if their brand can play at lower elevations. I’m honored to be […]

1-To-Many Times 7 Mil

The people have something to say. Power to the people. That’s the idea I get after looking through “Media Shifts to Social,” a slide show from Netpop Research. According to Netpop, 7 million people in the U.S. contribute content online through six or more activities (uploading photos, publishing blogs, posting ratings/reviews, etc.). These heavy users […]

TV Takes An Interest

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c Twitter Frenzy Daily Show Full EpisodesImportant Things With Demetri Martin Political HumorJoke of the Day John: Why is Congress and the media jumping on this? Samantha Bee: Okay, because we’re rotting corpses grabbing for any glimmer of relevance John. Visit for Breaking News, […]


Henry Jones at Web Design Ledger is fascinated with great looking business cards. So much so he revently launched a new site called Card Observer. Card Observer showcases only the best business card designs. They do this for a couple of reasons: to shine the spotlight on the talented designers who create these beautiful cards, […]

Flying Elephants!

David Kiefaber of Adfreak says the IFAW spot above makes it point in a “roundabout and needlessly abstract way.” That’s not what I’m thinking at all. I’m thinking flying elephants! Best of all, when the dreaminess of flying elephants fades, one is left with the stark reality that elephants don’t fly and that they’re best […]

Twitter Power: 245 Pages About 140 Characters

I must admit, I’m not the hugest Twitter user or Twitter fan. I only follow people I’m interested in and can’t handle an overload of it. But I can definitely see how people–and brands–can use Twitter to further themselves or their cause. And for the definitive look at it all, there’s Joel Comm’s Twitter Power: […]