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Headline Writing Exercize: Tim’s Cascade Style Wasabi Chips

Editor’s note: Copywriters need to practice. So go ahead and supply some copy for this spec ad in the making. Headline: Your copy here Tagline: Your copy here

Coming Soon: Adland by James P. Othmer

More and more, new books are getting their own online trailers. This one looks interesting: According to the author’s blog, it will be available in September. Don’t confuse it with a similarly titled book by Mark Tungate about the history of advertising.

A Parody of An Informercial Can Also Morph Into An Informercial

According to The New York Times, Steve Pacheco, director of advertising at FedEx, believes “lunchtime is the new prime time,” a fact which led him to supply BBDO-made, YouTube-distributed infotainment starring Fred Willard. The Times says the shipping company needs a successful campaign. Pummeled by the downturn and high fuel prices — not to mention […]

Like All Currency, The Value of a “Gold Lion” Exists Entirely In One’s Head


For Crispin, It’s Politically Correct To Work On PCs

According to an interview in The Huffington Post, creative staffers at Crispin Porter & Bogusky work on PCs. Maybe it’s just one more rebel stance for the Miami/Boulder operation, or maybe it’s the only sane thing to do, considering the importance of an account like Microsoft. Jeremy Abelson: …with a company built on Apple products, […]

I Could Have Pressed The G8

Grey, Milan and Global Call to Action Against Poverty teamed up to make eight posters–one each for every G8 member–that ask ordinary citizens to pressure their leaders to address one of mankind’s fundamental issues. [via I Believe In Advertising]

Hawken Tells Grads, “You are Brilliant, and the Earth is Hiring”

I’m a big Paul Hawken fan because he uses his business to help foster social change. He understands how powerful business is in our society and what a business leader who is on his game can do. Inspire people to be better versions of themselves is what great leaders do, whether they’re in business or […]

Saying Apple Computers Are Expensive Is A Priceless Strategy for Microsoft

Apple Inc. legal representatives asked Microsoft Corp. two weeks ago to “stop running” advertisements suggesting Apple’s computers are expensive. According to The Wall Street Journal, the interaction has emboldened Microsoft, which plans to continue with its “Laptop Hunter” marketing campaign after learning how effective the advertisement’s underlying message is in rankling Apple. Microsoft Chief Operating […]