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Quiche Eaters Drink Beer Too

Meme Huffer points to this long form beer ad from Droga5: It’s funny because it abuses all types of men under the banner of inclusiveness. You don’t see that everyday, and even if you did, you wouldn’t normally raise a glass to it.

Shrinkage Worse Than Expected

With GM bankrupt, the housing market in the toilet and a worldwide economy on the skids, one has to wonder just how long the “put a happy face on it” magicians in pinstripes can stay in character. According to Media Daily News, Publicis CEO Maurice Levy estimated that the advertising marketplace declined between 13% and […]

Share of Share

Add to Any is a service that helps publishers spread their stories across the social web and helps readers share the stories they find particularly noteworthy. Naturally, the service keeps track of where people are doing the most sharing, and their answer is Facebook. Mashable has more on the story, and Silicon Valley Insider points […]

Are You Smarter Than An Ad Student?

So, there’s no degree needed to get into advertising. No certification. So what should advertising’s new professionals need to know? Four-year colleges and universities do practically nothing to prepare students for a career in advertising, particularly as a creative. Most of the professors at these schools have little in the way of relevant, recent industry […]

They’re Like Charlotte’s Wong Doody

David Wiggs, President of Marketing Hitch, an agency search consultant, conducted an interview with David Oakley of Charlotte agency, BooneOakley recently. Oakley’s a funny guy. I tried to get him to go see Yonder Mountain String Band with me a few years ago which would have been funny. But I digress. Here’s a bit of […]

Do Good Work, Stay In Nice Places

Imagine with me a world where first the class cabin is reserved for society’s saints. Don’t say it could never happen. Social revolts can come from anywhere at any time. And the impetus to reward the better among us is already apparent. Take Sage Hospitality’s “Give A Day, Get A Night” promotion, where people who […]

Walk Where There’s Wine

Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities. – Frank Lloyd Wright Russ Beebe of California Wine Hikes writes on his blog about the difficulty he’s having converting page views into dollars, something a lot of people in the ad biz can relate to. It’s not to say that […]

Nine West And Nashville Sing Harmony Together

I like promotions where the winner gets something he or she would likely never attain without the help of the sponsoring brand. For instance, anyone can book a trip to Hawaii, but it takes some connections to book a recording studio and all the talent it takes to make a record. According to BrandWeek, retailer […]