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A1 Loves Songs for Beef

Years ago, Wendy’s asked “where’s the beef?” A1, on the other hand, knows where the beef is–it’s under their condiment. Given that the brand is secure in this knowledge it wants to celebrate and is doing so with a contest that will award one winner a year’s worth of Omaha Steaks (nice tie-in). To enter […]

See The Possibilities With The Ad Slider

This is very cool. To promote the 2009 Canadian Marketing Awards, you can play with The Ad Slider, which let you manipulate an award-winning ad in various stages of balance and imbalance between creativity and strategy. It’s a bit of an interactive riff on the classic 9 Ways To Improve An Ad.

Brand Icon Goes Off Leash, Parents of Frightened Children Don’t Like It

Experiential marketing is good stuff. When done right, it helps connect brands and consumers in meaningful ways. Yet, sometimes the message goes astray, or the messenger, as the case may be. Take Denver Water’s “toilet man”. He shows up at events around the Mile High City and reminds people not to flush precious water needlessly […]

“Go Forth” Is A Well Worn Theme In America

Levi’s wants you to experience America in its jeans. Like a miner of old, or better yet, like Jack Kerouac and Neil Cassidy experienced America in the 1950s. That’s right, the brand is “On the Road.” See for yourself. Here’s some additional creative from Levi’s new “Go Forth” campaign (the launch of which we addressed […]

Pepsi Drops A “P” In Argentina

Pepsi changed its spelling to Pecsi in Argentina to accomodate the local idiom, a humble and wise move that is refreshing to see. According to Ad Age: “Pecsi” is an easier pronunciation given Spanish phonetics, and it sort of comes naturally. According to a recent survey, 25% of the population says it that way. So […]

Hoffman’s Homerun Ups His Average To A Leauge Leading .400

Bob Hoffman let loose a gem on his blahg today. “What is good creative and how do I get it?” is a speech Hoffman gave to a roomful of agency owners. The speech contains all sorts of quotable items and on point ideas that will naturally swirl inside a thinking person’s head. Here’s a Hoffmanian […]

Micropersuasion Abandoned By Its Blahger

Edelman PR man, Steve Rubel, is done with his well regarded and immensely popular blahg, Micropersuasion. Taking its place is The Steve Rubel Lifestream at, a blog like setting that may be hard for the layman and expert alike to distinguish from the former form. I have been writing a weblog for five years […]

Fayetteville Loves Its Soldiers

Convention and Visitors Bureau advertising tends to be a dry affair, but that’s not the case in Fayetteville, NC–the community adjacent to Fort Bragg. Agency: The Republik, Durham [via Ad Age]