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Let’s Watch, Shall We?

The New York Times’ Bits blog points to Nizmlab, and Video Antville as sterling examples of curated content. What’s interesting to note for our purposes here is how many commercials are being archived and presented to a global audience made up of people willing to spend their free time watching commercials. What other testament […]

So How’s Burger King’s Advertising Really Working?

I certainly can’t quibble with the inventiveness and volume of really fun work Crispin’s done for Burger King. But it’s enlightening to read this BusinessWeek report of BK’s recent sales and struggles: Chuckles and kudos aside, CEO John W. Chidsey now has a problem. He has missed a sharp turn in consumer spending and sentiment. […]

People Don’t Have A Lot To Spend, But They Do Have $0.99

John Gerzema, Chief Insights Officer for Young & Rubicam, shares some thoughts about the re-emergence of frugal consumers and how micropayments appeal to this growing market segment. Certainly folks are saving more, deleveraging by increasing their savings relative to their spending, but they are also finding new ways to spend. Specifically, a rise in micropayments […]

The Proof’s In The Beauty Aid

Sid Lee’s president, J.F. Bouchard, told Ad Age why his agency decided to venture into a new industry. Ad Age: A lot of agencies today are creating more than ads and striking interesting equity deals with businesses. What’s different or better about your model? Mr. Bouchard: We have said that the ultimate creative challenge is […]

Got 50K? You’re In (The Web) Business.

Robert Hendershott, a professor of private equity and entrepreneurship at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, believes there’s little need for venture capital in today’s digital startup sector. According to The New York Times, it just doesn’t cost that much to get a Web-based idea off the ground. As the cost of […]

Today In Twitterverse: Wear A Cup

Banco Provincia Goes After The Transgender Market

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Wieden’s Digital Ninja On Mobile-Disabled Body Language

“What you share becomes the context of shared narrative, becomes the context in which we live, the stories that we tell, what we push out, becomes who we are. People aren’t simply projecting identity, they’re creating it. So that’s the request that I have for everybody in this room. We are creating the technology that […]