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Big Red Gets A Little Green

According to The Oregonian, Portland-based Ecos Consulting is helping The Coca-Cola Co. develop a sustainability program for restaurants that serve the softdrink giant’s products. One simple thing a restaurant or bar can do is unplug their signage. For instance, offers four different no-energy and low-energy signs. also offers a case study on Burgerville, […]

Social Media For Brands Is The Modern Day Fan Club

Starbucks has 1,482,069 fans on Facebook and 183,729 followers on Twitter at the time of this post. But what does it mean to the bottom line? The New York Times reminds that “it is difficult to measure the effects of social media — a follower on Twitter does not necessarily translate to a daily Frappuccino […]

Not All Agencies Are Dead, Despite What Tony Granger Thinks

When Tony Granger, the CCO of Y&R, got up at the CLIOs and said, “advertising agencies are dead,” I thought it was a little silly, if not complete bullshit. Turns out I wasn’t the only one. Capitol Media Solutions, an Atlanta ad agency, feels the same way: “I just get frustrated every time I hear […]

Got B.S. To Sell? Take It Elsewhere.

Steve Simpson of Goodby Silverstein & Partners is using Adweek to spread the Gospel of Howard. Howard Gossage is one of advertising’s first postmodernists, one of its earliest greatest ironists and the original provocateur in a business that always claims to prize them, but never does, really. To the hippest, most cynical creative of today, […]

What’s The Point?

Today must be challenge the orthodoxy day on the Web. I love it. Guest writing on Ad Age, Judy Shapiro says we can do better than to refer to advancements online as “Web 3.0.” After all, it’s the same Web it was yesterday, just with more cool shit than ever before. …there’s a proverbial fly […]

How Do You “Wire” A Paper Product? (More Thoughts About Content Packaging And Pricing)

Stephanie Clifford of The New York Times takes a careful look at Wired, the magazine’s present difficulties and its enigmatic leader, Chris “Long Tail” Anderson. In 2006, Mr. Anderson published “The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More,” arguing that the Internet allows for the sale of an array of […]

Today In Twitterverse: Aggregators

There’s just too damn much information coursing through these nets. It’s overkill, unless you have the proper tools to manage it. One of the new tools to emerge on the back of Twitter’s open API is the Twitter aggregator. Dave Winer is aggregating tweets from celebs and New York Times journos. German citizens are aggregating […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Ecotrust Fisheries Program

It’s good to see another Portland agency doing work for another Portland client featured in Communications Arts Interactive Annual 15. Dino Citraro, interaction director/executive producer on the project, says, “The traditional ways of presenting data, most often in spreadsheets, are typically inaccessible, hard to digest, and require serious commitment on the part of the user […]