Today In Twitterverse: Aggregators

There’s just too damn much information coursing through these nets. It’s overkill, unless you have the proper tools to manage it. One of the new tools to emerge on the back of Twitter’s open API is the Twitter aggregator.
Dave Winer is aggregating tweets from celebs and New York Times journos. German citizens are aggregating tweets sent to their elected officials. And Sawhorse Media, a bootstrapped startup in NYC, is creating a series of microsites that pool tweets from designers, VCs, celebs, pets and journos.
According to Digital Journal, Sawhorse will launch a new aggregator every two weeks.

(The company) enjoyed seed funding from private investors Fred Seibert and Marta Wohrle. Sawhorse CEO Gregory Galant says they aren’t thinking long term, but just trying to release attractive websites ideal for the Twitter community. Their overhead is quite low, since the content is out there to collect. The aggregation possibilities are endless — company Twitter accounts, green-friendly tweets, recipe-only feeds. Sawhorse has a lot of aggregating to do.

The possibilities are indeed endless. And I expect to see many more comers step in to meet this challenge. Just imagine the hyperlocal possibilities. In a big city like Chicago, for instance, a page that mines Twitter for local happy hour specials might go over big.



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