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What Brand Today Can Teach The World To Sing?

In a related line of questioning, “Can Coca-Cola still teach the world to sing?” [via Where’s My Jetpack?]

Nationwide Is On iPhone’s Side

The question for brand managers used to be “How creative can you make your advertising?” That’s not the question anymore. Now the question is “How creative can you get when providing the solutions customers want?” That’s a big change in focus. Wouldn’t you say? [via NE Creative]

Poor Philly

City Paper in Philadelphia is warning residents of the Delaware Valley that an iceberg is headed straight for their shores. This Friday at 4 p.m., Coors Light promises to “bring refreshment ‘as cold as the Rockies’ to life in a memorable way” by dropping a “30-foot snow mass” into the river off Penn’s Landing. This […]

From A Cosmic Perspective, Any Place on Earth Is Local

Do multinationals have no shame? Is that a real question? According to The New York Times, PepsiCo’s snack brand, Frito-Lay is now making some bold claims. Frito-Lay is one of several big companies that, along with some large-scale farming concerns, are embracing a broad interpretation of what eating locally means. This mission creep has the […]

Identity Firm Goes Tribal

The crew at Brains on Fire are on a different page, that’s for sure. I went to Greenville a few years ago to see if I could read from that page. Thankfully, I could. Of course, they didn’t pull any faces on me that day. Not like this. The image above is from this year’s […]

Smart Bankers Invest In The Future Vitality of the Amazon

Native Green Project, presented by Bradesco Bank in Brazil, claims to be “the first native-generated content project, produced specially for the web.” The images native residents from the Amazon captured are now compiled in 10 episodes that are approximately 4 minutes long. They can be seen exclusively on the Web at The project also […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: Oregon Tourism c/o W+K

W+K Portland is offering a behind the scenes look at the making of the above TV spot for Travel Oregon. I’m thinking the state’s tourism account is one of the more choice assignments at W+K. At least it would be for me.

Never Trust An Informant

Edward Wasserman is Knight professor of journalism ethics at Washington and Lee University. Here’s what he thinks about one of journalism’s central dilemmas: I’ve long argued that news is best understood not as a consumer product, but as a professional service. People buy a paper or go to website not to consume a good, but […]