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The FTC Strikes Back At

Since is not free, is sponsored by Experian, and pays The Martin Agency a gazillion dollars to flood the airwaves, the FTC decided to strike back by promoting, the service that legitimately lets you access a free credit report per year from each of the Big 3 credit services. I’m guessing the FTC’s […]

Some Sound Thinking

I’m generally not much of a fan of anti-drug campaigns, but the Sound Advice Project is a pretty cool idea. From Creativity: Parents can record a short message to their child on the teen anti-drug non-profit’s site. The sound file is then visualized as a sound wave, which is then translated into a 3D bracelet […]

Do You Pretend To Work?

If you pretend to work (and who among us doesn’t?), you’ll want to make sure you have the insanely expensive Microsoft Office for Mac suite of applications installed on your machine. Then the trick is to keep Excel, Word and Power Point open at all times on your desktop. That’s the trinity of seriousness, even […]

Looked Good Off The Tee But The Ball’s In The Rough

The thing I don’t understand about this spot is why Golf Now would appeal to men with the denial of benefits argument. It doesn’t make sense. Just the idea of lack of benefits could throw a man’s game off and do permanent damage to his handicap.

You Don’t Have To Be Built Like A Giraffe To Dunk

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is getting its game on. With 80 restaurants in 13 states, 40 stores are located in or near a college community, including the first Raising Cane’s, which opened across from Louisiana State University in 1996. Hence, a seasonal promo loosely tied to March Madness.

Ads Not Nearly As Provocative As The Station’s Programming

Current TV’s Vanguard programming tackles some tough subjects. In fact, as I write this, I’m watching a report on how the U.S. is already at war with Iran. Italian ad blogger, Flavia Brevi, tells us that out of home ads for the program have been banned from the Metro in Rome. Is the United States […]

Tonight’s Town Hall With The CEO of Portland

Portland Mayor Sam Adams spoke to 50 members of the local creative community tonight at Wieden + Kennedy. The event was sponsored by Portland Ad Fed, the oldest ad club in the U.S. Adams ran through an economic development slide show that focused on sustainability. The Mayor’s plan is to position Portland at the forefront […]

Vinny’s Velvet Hammer

Vinny Warren of The Escape Pod likes what he calls “the hard sell.” What is the hard sell? The hard sell is the ad that instantly makes you want what’s being advertised. You’d think this would be the permanent orientation of advertising ALL THE TIME. But it isn’t. People can get a bit lax in […]