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Win the Influencers, Win the Game

Shiv Singh of Razorfish names 10 trends in “social influence marketing,” a term his agency coined to describe what old timers simply call Word of Mouth. It’s just that it’s digital now, so the lexicon is expanding (not always in a good way). Here’s what Singh and his colleagues see unfolding: 1. Social media usage […]

What Content Can Do For You

Because I’m looking for work right now, I need to explain what it is that I do in plain terms. It can be difficult to do. Brands may not know they need a strategic content plan for the social space. Hence, their agency doesn’t know it either. That’s why my elevator pitch has to be […]

Go Big Or Go Home

Online ad units are about to blow up. Their increased size could be rejected as an unwanted intrusion, but it’s just as likely that the larger canvas for branded storytelling will bring heightened creativity from the developers and greater consumer engagement. According to Adweek’s Brian Morrissey, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ESPN and […]

New Looks for Public Works

Rob Walker drew my attention to the Obama administration’s recent branding efforts for The Recovery. Portland’s Aaron Draplin, who loves early 20th century design (appropriately enough) helped make the DOT logo.

Disposable. Just Another Word for Garbage.

Lighting up with a Zippo makes a statement about one’s individual style. Now, thanks to Brunner, lighting up with a Zippo makes another kind of statement that’s equally powerful in the culture today. [via Adrants]

Hulu Has A New Spokesalien

Self-Promo Ad #6

While AdPulp itself is clearly a showcase for a certain type of writing that I do, sometimes people ask to see my traditional portfolio. You know, ’cause they might need my help someday making print ads, point-of-sale materials, micro sites and the like. Sometimes people also ask to see my traditional resume. Other entries from […]

Born To The Corn

Shawn and I are both from Nebraska, so we’ve always taken a special interest in one Mr. Evan Williams, a.k.a. Boss Tweet. Williams grew up on a corn and soybeans farm in Nebraska. Which of course is great training for Internet entrepreneurdom. Both professions demand that you work all the time. Here’s how he describes […]