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The Right Content On The Right Platform At Just The Right Moment–That’s Worth Something

Everyone’s talking about customer empowerment, but BusinessWeek has another take on things. Trapped inside an article on nervous companies eschewing untested campaigns that try to reach customers via smartphones, social networks, and other new media, is this bit: In these hard times, advertisers wield more power than ever. Packaged goods behemoth Unilever is forcing media […]

One Of Beervana’s Stalwarts Looks At Soaring Demand, Intends To Meet It

The Bulletin in Bend, OR has good news! Gary Fish, president of Deschutes Brewery needs 10 new 45-foot-tall made in Germany fermentation tanks to meet growing demand for his lineup of craft beers. While a Bend expansion is preferred, other options under consideration include: acquiring another facility on the West Coast, building a new facility […]

“Trust Me” Gets It More Right Than Wrong

I had really low expectations of “Trust Me”, so I recorded it and didn’t watch it until last night. Then, when I saw the opening scene, with two scruffy 30-something white guys with Starbucks cups in hand and laptop bags slung around their chests, I figured at least the set designers knew what they were […]

43, Hut Hut!

The New York Times commissioned designers from around the nation to make alternate Super Bowl 43 logos (because they could!). The selection above is from Draplin Design Co. in Portland, Oregon. [via BFG Blog]

Taking The Temperature of the Room

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch is visiting Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Arrington says there’s fear in the air. There is a clear consensus among attendees that the worst is yet to come, and that we are facing the worst economic outlook of the last few generations. Some of the CEOs I’ve talked with […]

Bud Embeds Links In Super Bowl Spots

Three mil. is a hefty toll for a 30 second spot this Sunday. Naturally, brands want to get the most bang for their buck. In 2009, that means digital. Digital extends the spot via promotions or partnerships, archives the spot and in many cases builds anticipation for the spot. According to The Wall Street Journal, […]

Year of the Ox

Bill Imada, writing in Ad Age, explains what the Year of the Ox–which began Monday–means to marketers. Since Oxen pull (rather than push), agency leaders will need to encourage their employees to incubate and produce stronger ideas that are more client-centric. Most corporate marketers claim that their budgets have been distressed or reduced; however, the […]

Is It A Service Or A Platform?

People are talking about Twitter possibly being worth a quarter of a billion dollars. Which people? Why, Sarah Lacy and Om Malik. Let’s listen.