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Can You Be Anti-Branding And Pro-Sales At the Same Time?

Geoffrey James is a freelance writer and author. He used to sell expensive computer systems. Here’s a small sample of his writing from BNET: I also believe that developing “Awareness, Interest, and Desire” (aka “Branding”) inside B2B firms is mostly just an excuse to spend money. In fact, branding is overrated in B2C firms, too. […]

It’s All So Clean

Reids Dry Cleaners has 16 locations in the Austin, TX area and a new spokes-singer, Austin musician Erin Ivey. Ivey says on her blog that she sot shot video throughout the production process and that she’ll post it soon. [via Adfreak]

Today In Twitterverse: Share of Voice

Jon Buch is creative director @ Gigya, Inc. and a “semi-naughty photographer.”

Branding Is For Brands

There’s a certain abandon to Steffan Postaer’s writing. I like that, especially since it’s coming from deep inside the machine. Today, the creative leader of Euro RSCG/Chicago, takes on agency mission statements and self-promo exercises. Thankfully, he does so with abandon. Are we about ideas, client service, publicity or all of the above? In every […]

I Don’t Know What’s Better, The Game Or Your Velveeta Nachos

Americans will eat 46% more chips this Sunday and Kraft Foods intends to be there in living rooms across the land to soak it all up. Literally. According to The Wall Street Journal, Kraft hired House Party, an Irvington, N.Y. experiential marketing firm whose specialty is setting up parties to promote clients’ products. Using its […]

Self-Promo Ad #4

Commercial writing is still creative writing. Otherwise, it’s not writing at all, just empty words strung together haphazardly. And Lord knows, there’s an overabundance of such drivel passing as marketing communications. Since you’re reading this via AdPulp, not Craigslist where it originally appeared, chances are good you know the value of compelling copy. Which is […]

Today In Twitterverse: This Isn’t Junior High School

Guest Post: Jerry Ketel Spiffs His Brand

Editor’s note: Jerry Ketel is one of Portland’s leading figures in the agency business. He runs a firm with his name on the door and he’s President of the Portland Ad Fed. Recently, Ketel attended a class that moved him. Here’s his account. Instead of navel gazing, maybe it’s time to rebrand yourself. Recently, I […]