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Brand Theater In Denton

According to The Denver Egotist, TDA copywriter, Joe Nafziger went the extra mile for the shop’s Pizza Inn client. To celebrate the opening of a new store, he dressed as JoJo the Pizza Man and jumped fifty pizzas on a motorcycle. Why? “Because it just seemed ridiculous,” Nafziger says. I love the circus, don’t you?

Future Brand Managers Have Field Day

Chicago Tribune has a sobering report on a party that got out of hand at The Field Museum. Turns out, the perps weren’t 8th graders from Cicero, they were students at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Kellogg spokeswoman Megan Washburn confirmed that… “Students were vomiting on themselves and on the Field Museum floors.” “Students […]

Here’s A Phrase For You: “Idea Racism”

I haven’t had enough caffeine this morning to wrap my head around this, but Bob Jeffrey, CEO of JWT, writes on the Huffington Post that ideas can truly come from anywhere in today’s global, uh, globe: Last week, as fears of a prolonged consumer recession multiplied, I spent a challenging day with undergraduates at Brown […]

Clients Want A Pony For Christmas

Use it or lose it. That’s often the mindset when managing an annual marketing budget. Airbag Industries knows what I’m talking about: The Fall season always has some weirdness when it comes to announcements of new work. It’s usually around this time that I get a handful of last minute RFPs with aggressive schedules for […]

Atlanta Coughs Up Another Advertising Account

Talk about heading into enemy territory. The American Cancer Society is taking its ad account to Richmond. From Adweek: The American Cancer Society said it has selected Interpublic Group shop The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va., and Omnicom Group’s Brodeur Partners here to handle general-market advertising and public relations, respectively, following a review. Greg Donaldson, […]

Need Some Spooky Duds? Go To Goodwill.

Goodwill of Southern California is driving would be ghouls to retail, care of this spot from The Miller Group, Santa Monica.

Two Copywriters Who Blog Right Up In This Thing

Benjamin Palmer, CEO of The Barbarian Group, wants to hire people like Danny G and me. We review people’s portfolios here quite often and one thing that stands out is how few advertising copywriters actually blog. It’s really amazing. An entire copywriting Web site might consist of 500 words. What’s needed now are copywriters who […]

The Skywriting’s The Limit

In Atlanta, when you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, getting the hell out of dodge is an appealing notion. And AirTran Airways (which is very popular here) is pushing that idea with skywriting: AirTran Airways is turning to skywriting in the Atlanta area this week to advertise a sale. The Orlando-based airline, which has its main […]