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Duck Overplays His Hand and Other Tales of Mad Men

Season two is a wrap. Damn these things fly by quickly.

Agency Shakey Shakey

I remember thinking about five or six years ago how if I went to a digital shop, I’d be pigeon-holed in their creative cul de sac. WRONG! According to Ad Age, digital shops are now beating traditional shops for agency-of-record status. While most clients still seek best-in-class specialists for every discipline, more are showing interest […]

A CMO’s Perspective

“Clients get the advertising they deserve.” I trot out that one a lot, and former Comcast CMO, Marvin O. Davis, explores the issue further in a great Adweek column: I recall an occasion when I was traveling with several company executives. Everyone was expressing their opinion on their favorite and least-favorite company commercials. When I […]

The Chamber Is Working To Keep Republican Senators In Place

According to The Wall Street Journal, business executives represented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce fear that Democrats, bouyed by heavy spending from organized labor, could gain enough muscle in the Senate to spark policies favoring increased unionization, higher taxes, more restrictions on trade and more regulation on the financial-services and housing sectors. So, the […]

Make the Sale, Then Go Paint Your Masterpiece

“Consumed” columnist, Rob Walker, takes on a subject today that has the power to upset, annoy and challenge people who build brands for a living. That’s right, Billy Mays is the subject of an article in The New York Times Sunday Magazine. Pretty highbrow territory for the master of yell-and-sell. Walker points out that despite […]

An Already Stressed Press Looks Around And Sees Nothing But Trouble

If you click into The New York Times “Business” section, as I just did, about all that’s there on this otherwise fine Saturday is doom and gloom. For example: GM shuts down Janesville, WI plant as S.U.V. sales plummet drastically. A Harvard professor looks at the Great Depression and concludes that economists would not know […]

Vinny Warren, Someone Ran Off With Your Concept

The party responsible: 60 Frames. [UPDATE] BusinessWeek spoke to Charles Stone III, the director of the original “Wassup” commercial. Stone says, Budweiser never owned the rights to the idea. He’d originally made it as a short film independent of the brand, and Budweiser had only leased the rights, paying a mere $37,000 for five years […]

MoveOn Is Responsible for the Content of this Advertising

[CNNBC via ReadWriteWeb]