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Today In Twitterverse: Reverse Mentoring @Edelman

Amanda Mooney works as an account exec in the Chicago office of Edelman.

GSD&M Idea City Has The Right Idea

Gregory Solman of Adweek claims that Austin-based GSD&M Idea City is getting some swagger back in its boot step after some tough account losses. image courtesy of Flickr user, andreanna Solman also examines the shop’s “Purpose Branding” platform: For GSD&M, COO Duff Stewart, said, “purpose-based branding” meant helping Southwest Airlines understand that it was “not […]

You Are Under the Influence

Bloggers are powerful people. They help drive purchase decisions. Caroline McCarthy, of CNET News, reports: A new study from Jupiter Research, commissioned by analytics company BuzzLogic, says that consumer purchases are more likely to be influenced by what they read on a blog versus what their social-networking rosters recommend. It’s good news for BuzzLogic, which […]

A Citizen Clown Who Takes It To The House

Joel Moss Levinson has fashioned an occupation out of thin air. He enters consumer generated media contests sponsored by brands. And he wins them. Consistently. According to The New York Times, Levinson, a.k.a. “Happy Joel” has won more than $200,000 in cash, trips to Budapest, Buenos Aires and Copenhagen from Delta Air Lines; an iPod […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: Stumptown

Stumptown Cofee enjoys a unique position in consumers’ minds. Their offering is so distinctive, the brand needs next to no traditional advertising. Yet, the pieces they do choose to use like the old-fashioned postcard above or their newly redesigned website express the brand’s values perfectly.

Pitch Sarah Lane (She’s a Free Agent as of Today)

Revision3 is making some changes to its lineup. As you may have heard, today we had to make some tough staffing decisions as we ended the run of a few of our shows. For our long-running Photoshop show Pixel Perfect, it’s the end of a show that’s done over a hundred episodes, and delivered essentially […]

Slam Dunkin’

Dennis Hahn at ID Branding in Portland, OR thinks Dunkin’ Donuts could have reached deeper into its toolbox than to challenge Starbucks on taste. …this campaign reeks of the same old tired ad-driven approach. And a taste test no less! Is this the best you could do? According to Ad Age, the chain has gone […]

Bacon In A Bottle

Bacon Salt is a fat free, zero calorie, low sodium, vegetarian, Kosher, seasoning salt that makes everything taste like bacon. Bacon Salt is also the focus of Brian Morrissey’s new article on small companies that use social media to their benefit.