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Ignorance Is Also Viral

Sometimes I pause to ask myself just how many “Americas” we have in this country. There’s the America that Reagan idealized in his shining city upon a hill. As Joe Bageant reminds us in his book, Deer Hunting with Jesus, there’s also the a large backwoods America, where all kinds of strange ideas take root. […]

Lots Of Dots Could Tangle The Interwebs

I was intrigued to see this story about Utah’s new interactive travel planner, but what really struck me was the website address: I didn’t know “.travel” is now a top-level domain, but it’s up there now, along with .museum, .asia, .coop, and others. That’s damned confusing, if you ask me. I’m not sure consumers […]

For Cliff Freeman, Any Award Is A Good Award

I remember back about 10 years ago, Creativity Magazine used to spotlight a new, whacked-out Cliff Freeman commercial every month. There were a bunch of classics back then. And they used to keep a big card table in the lobby to display all the One Show Pencils they won. So it’s a little strange to […]

Twitter Is So Fresh We Don’t Know How To Cook It

Faris Yakob went to Oxford. I imagine that’s where sentences like these come from: The fact that you can microbroadcast phatic affection enables the formation of larger number of weak social ties. Or something. I can’t pretend to know what it means. But I can ask Faris, or you, for an explanation.

River West Lofts Soon To House Beer Execs

How many meetings have I attended at the brewery in Golden? You can go right from the pitch, downstairs to the tasting room where tours end and free beer begins. You might say it’s a tradition, one that many Integer employees still practice. But all that is about to change. According to USA Today, MillerCoors […]

News Business Needs New Engine

David Carr of The New York Times paints a bleak, sorely accurate, picture of the print media business today. It’s been an especially rotten few days for people who type on deadline. On Tuesday, The Christian Science Monitor announced that, after a century, it would cease publishing a weekday paper. Time Inc., the Olympian home […]

Wrong. Just Wrong.

It’s always a great idea to get the name of the brand in the headline! This ad for Quickie brand Wheelchairs trots out the double entrendre of all time. The 4-page insert is even more bizarre, using the header “Unburdened. Uncomplicated. Uninhibited.” above the image and this headline.

Brand Guys Are Tied Tight

Steffan Postaer has just compared advertising to fly-fishing. Norman Maclean would not be pleased. Brand advertising in its highest form is like fly-fishing: sleek, urbane, wise. Think glorious anthems, the launch of new campaigns. Fishing with lures is one step down. It’s brand advertising, packaged and distilled. Though not a lavish opus, it still requires […]